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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO — SkyWest announced in March that it would withdraw from several regional airports, including Cape Girardeau Airport in southeast Missouri. Now the airport advisory board recommends Contour Aviation as the next service provider for Cape Girardeau.

The city says Contour Aviation is one of three companies that have submitted proposals to provide air services. The city has also received offers from Boutique Air and Southern Air.

Contour’s proposal includes a 30-seat jet offering two flights a day to Nashville. Boutique donated an eight-passenger, single-engine plane to fly four times a day to Nashville.

Southern Air’s proposal would have offered four flights a day to Nashville or St. Louis with an optional flight to Chicago, but its bid included a nine-passenger single-engine aircraft.

In a press release on the recommendation of the Cape Girardeau airport advisory board, airport manager Katrina Amos said the board chose the option that would get more people to where they want to go. must travel in the most reliable way and at the best price. And the press release says choosing an eight- or nine-passenger option would mean the city would have to waive the right to require twin-engine jet service in the future.

“Reliable and affordable air service supports our economy and will help our region grow,” Amos said in a statement. “We have business travellers, students, tourists and others coming in and out of Cape Town every day, and we want to give them the best possible experience.”

The city says flights with Contour should cost between $29 and $99 per flight, and connecting flights from Nashville should be competitive. Contour has a ticket/baggage agreement with American Airlines, and the city says the company has high recommendations from every city it currently serves.

“We are grateful to SkyWest for the service they have provided to the community over the past few years. The Board has been working with staff over the past few weeks to make the best decision possible for the community and region. We believe that moving forward with Contour is the right decision,” airport advisory board chairman Richard Knote said in a statement.

Council’s recommendation will be taken up by Cape Girardeau City Council at its next meeting on Monday. If the proposal is approved by the city council and the US Department of Transportation, the city says Contour could fly to and from Cape Town as early as September.

Barkley Regional Airport in Paducah is also one of the airports SkyWest has announced it will leave. More recently, the airport said it was deciding whether to renegotiate a new contract with SkyWest or bring in a new supplier. The airport has launched an online survey to find out what travelers departing from Barkley want to see most from an airline.

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