Airbus A330 Doha to Colombo


While technically it was a Qatar flight (with a Qatar flight number), everything but the catering menu was Oman Air (i.e. it was a “ lease with crew”). For reasons beyond my knowledge, the Doha-Colombo service is the “test track” for Qatar Airways. I have flown this route many times but always have a different plane and setup. I’ve seen the 777 with and without QSuites, two different A330 configurations, the A350s leased from LATAM, and now Oman Air!

Oman Air Business Class Review – Al Mourjan Business Lounge Experience

Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge (Al Mourjan) is still probably the best business class property in the world. It’s just done as you’d expect as a traveler – someone with real common sense planned and designed the operations of this traveler mecca.


I took a nice shower, had brunch and had lunch later. Lunch options now offer cold starters, a hot buffet (the only place at Doha airport where masks are mandatory) and sushi. I liked the sushi the most – it is prepared right in front of you.

Oman Air Business Class Review – Boarding Experience

Boarding can be tricky at this huge airport. My gate was a bus gate right at the end of the CDE gates. Several massive flights boarded at the same time, which made the area quite hectic and unpleasant. Qatar Airways also has this particularity of having the last bus only available for business class passengers. They would like you to wait for this very late bus, which did not arrive until the scheduled departure time. It was frustrating.

The bus transfer also took a long time and we seemed to be taken to the last plane in line. With all that, I was the last person on board (rather reluctantly).

Oman Air Business Class Review – Seats and Sleeping Experience

Oman Air chose a business class seat that resembles other airlines such as Japan Airlines. It’s a long suite with minimal storage options. It’s about as wide as my shoulders, and I felt really cramped at first. You also sit right next to your seatmate with no real privacy (as long as the privacy wall is down).

I wasn’t a fan of the seat in the taxi/takeoff position – too many things were constantly moving.

However, once reclined to a reclining position, the seat became one of my favorite business class seats. There’s so much room to stretch out – I think even at 7ft you’d have no problem. Since there are no footrests, you also get full vertical space and it’s easy to turn into almost any position. While I didn’t expect to get much sleep, the massive amount of space made it easy, only waking me up a few times.

It was an almost full flight, so it was great to have the space and eventual privacy of business class.

Oman Air Business Class Review – Catering

I was not hungry but determined to see what Qatar or Oman would take care of this flight. There is “only” dinner service for this five-hour flight.

The appetizer and main course looked great, but I didn’t like the taste – maybe I was too spoiled by the awesome delicacies in the Qatar business class lounge a few hours ago?

Oman Air Business Class Review – The Staff

The staff seemed extremely friendly but a little distant. This is perhaps the desired customer experience for many Gulf countries. I take it any day on the “prison guards” or rude flight attendants I have encountered on some flights.

Oman Air Business Class Review – The Conclusion

Qatar makes this flight a real lottery – it’s always a surprise to see what awaits you when you board. It wasn’t a QSuites experience, but I really liked Oman Air business class on the A330 and found it EASIER to sleep as a slightly taller person than in the QSuites. I would be happy to fly with Oman Air again!

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