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Pune: Issues related to the transfer of defense land and relocation of the cargo hold area could be addressed at the Pune Airport Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday.
Aviation experts and frequent travelers, however, have stressed the need to tackle overcrowding and parking issues first.
Pune MP and Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Girish Bapat, will chair the meeting, which will be held after a hiatus of more than a year. Stakeholders including members of the business community, defense, Indian Airports Authority, airlines and others will participate in the meeting.
“Some of the important points that would be discussed at the meeting include the issue of defensive land, which is to be transferred to the Pune airport authorities for the expansion of the facility, and the relocation of the existing cargo hold area, among others. . An update will be made on the progress of the new terminal and multi-level parking project. Discussion of new international flights and routes is also a possibility, ”said an airport official.
An airport source said the issues to be discussed on Wednesday were also discussed at the last meeting.
“Most of the issues were discussed last year, but there hasn’t been any development in any area. The hold area has not been moved because the Indian Air Force has not yet provided the requested land. No new land transfers to the IAA from the Ministry of Defense have taken place either. These projects are important and require quick repair, ”said another official.


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