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The life and work of Bruce Goff will be celebrated and explored this weekend, at the inaugural Goff Fest, which will be held at various locations in Tulsa.

The festival will feature exhibits of Goff’s work, a panel discussion on the controversies surrounding the establishment of the Boston Avenue Methodist Church, walking tours of some of the Goff-designed buildings that are still standing, and the screening of “Goff “, a documentary by Bixby Britni Harris, native of Britni Harris, with a question-and-answer session with the filmmaker.

Jones, Tulsa Artist Fellow since 2019 and one of the organization’s Arts Integration Award winners, is the creator of the Goff Fest, hosted by the Goff Center of the Continuous Present.

Funding and support for the festival comes from the Tulsa Artist Fellowship, Tulsa Foundation for Architecture, The Tulsa Club Hotel, Ross Group, Tulsa Artists’ Coalition, Center for Public Secrets, Tulsa Spotlight Theater, Friends of Kebyar, Price Tower Arts Center, Tulsa Historical Society, AHHA, Good Cause Brewing, Acrobat Ant and Circle Cinema.

Jones, writer, visual artist, and performer, lived and worked in Brooklyn, NY, before being chosen as Tulsa Artist Fellow.

“When the renovation of the Tulsa Club Hotel was completed, the Tulsa Artist Fellows were given a guided tour, which included a presentation on Bruce Goff and his life,” Jones said. “I think I never really knew Bruce Goff was gay before, but it had a pretty big impact on me.”

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