Baggage Drops at Manchester Airport: Airlines offering to pick up your bags the day before


Passengers faced long delays and chaotic scenes at Manchester Airport lately, but a service provided by some airlines might save you time before your flight.

Travelers were forced to queue for up to two hours to check in and go through security at Manchester Airport, some even missing their flights because of it . Various factors have been blamed for the delays, including staff shortages and an increase in demand for travel following the easing of pandemic-related restrictions.

Airport bosses have advised passengers to arrive three hours before their flight departs – to allow time for extra queues. But they also added that people shouldn’t arrive earlier than three hours before – as some check-in counters might not be open and that could lead to more delays.

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With this chaos as a backdrop, travelers naturally sought ways to make the check-in process less stressful. One is to use the so-called ‘twilight’ or overnight baggage drop – which allows passengers to check in their baggage the day before a morning flight.

With two Manchester airlines offering this service, it could be useful for people who live near the airport – or those staying overnight in a nearby hotel. These airlines are:


TUI says: “If you have a flight that departs before noon, you can check in your baggage between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. the day before your departure. You can then proceed directly to departures on the day of your departure.”

This service is available at Manchester Terminal 2 but not for flights to the USA and only available for TUI flights with a TOM flight number.


Like TUI, Jet2 also offers the dusk check-in service if your flight departs before 12 noon.

The airline says: “With our free dusk check-in service, you can drop off your bags at your departure airport in the UK between 3pm and 8pm the day before your morning flight. So when you arrive at departures the next day, your luggage is already sorted.

“If you live near the airport or are staying at a nearby hotel, this will make your morning a little easier.”

This service is available in Manchester. The airline says passengers should remember to check all travel requirements before heading to the airport and pack all documents for the party so they can check in smoothly.

There are currently no other airlines advertising dusk check-in from Manchester. For more information on check-in times, contact your airline.


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