Belgrade airport plans to develop a long-haul network


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport estimates that its continued multi-million euro expansion will provide new opportunities for the development of its long-haul network and further increase its number of connecting passengers. Addressing the Polish “Business Travel”, Belgrade Airport Commercial Director Miodrag Mirković said: “[Operator] VINCI Airports is pursuing its proactive policy to increase traffic to and from Serbia and meet passenger expectations by further stepping up Nikola Tesla’s improvements. We are also convinced that the significant development of the airport will support the growth of passenger traffic, especially transfer traffic ”. He added: “The expansion will allow us to transform the airport into a new regional hub and will provide new opportunities for launching long-haul routes, like the one we have to New York.”

According to Mr. Mirković, Air Serbia will play a central role in the development of the airport’s destination network. “Finding new markets and improving existing markets is of the utmost importance if we want Belgrade airport to become a point of reference in our region. We must provide Air Serbia with the necessary tools to offer new routes – in particular long and medium-haul routes – as part of its hub strategy. The excellent regional network of Air Serbia, which connects Belgrade to all the countries of the region, is the basis which allows us to continue our growth. Air Serbia is also actively developing the eastern markets, where even in times of pandemic, new routes, such as Rostov-on-Don, are inaugurated ”, declared the commercial director.

Belgrade Airport is increasing its capacity. By the end of the year, it will complete eight new doors with jet gangways, which have the capacity to handle wide-body planes, and five more bus doors. Upon completion, a further expansion will begin with the addition of several additional doors with jet bridges. Air Serbia General Manager for Trade and Strategy, Jiri Marek, recently said: “The market continues to react very quickly to the increased and ever-increasing demand, while on the other hand, the airport is modernizing its infrastructure, which can cause difficulties for passengers. However, we believe that once the reconstruction of the terminal is completed and the airport undergoes its transformation, we will have all the possibilities to implement our strategy without any limitation of infrastructure ”.

Mr. Mirković notes that the expansion will position Belgrade Airport as a regional transfer hub. “Our expansion program will increase the capacity of the airport, with an additional 3.5 kilometer runway, a new jetty, fifteen new gates, new parking spaces for aircraft, as well as the modernization of 26,000 square meters of ‘space and the expansion of the passenger terminal by an additional 47,000 square meters. All of this will allow more flights during peak hours. We have no doubt that this will contribute to Belgrade’s success as a transfer hub, ”said Mirković. He added: “Belgrade Airport has great potential due to its geostrategic location, allowing us to connect East and West, North and South, and on the other hand, provide direct connection. to various regions (South East Europe, EU, Russia, Middle East, East and USA), which in turn creates an opportunity to strengthen our position ”.

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