Bodie may be a ghost town, but there is still a lot to do there


Gold, guns and ghost towns, three essential ingredients of the Old American and the Wild and Wild West. Cowboys actually rode wild horses, stomped their spur boots in saloons, and had fatal shootings with enemies over 150 years ago in the American Wild West.

Today, some of these legendary cities still exist. Some are even preserved in their entirety, moments frozen in time, untouched by technology or modern businesses. One of those ghost towns, Bodie, California, is particularly spooky and would make a fantastic destination during the Halloween season.

A Brief History of Bodie, California

After the discovery of precious gold in 1859, the small mining town of Bodie was born. Bodie’s meager population quickly exploded, reaching thousands in just a decade. People from all over the country wanted to rush west to settle down and try their luck in one of Bodie’s many gold mines.

Near Bridgeport, California, the town of Bodie has thrived for decades, reaping many financial benefits for all of its gold-obsessed citizens. However, mining profits began to decline steadily after only thirty years. Bodie’s mines dried up and other more prosperous towns attracted people. Only three decades after its inception, the once thriving town of Bodie was already heading to ghost town level by the end of the 19th century.

Quickly, population levels plummeted. Sadly, the city was completely abandoned in the 1950s, leaving behind original houses, shops and streets that remain intact.

Today, Bodie serves as a chilling reminder to modern visitors that things change, dreams bloom and fade, and American history always changes in unpredictable ways.

One state historic park, Bodie, California still draws visitors from across the country, no longer for the gold, but for the ghosts, ghouls, and history of the American Wild West!

Things To Do In Bodié

Daily public historical tours

  • Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., most days
  • Price: To free!

Visit of the stamp mill

  • Visit schedule: 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., most days
  • Price: $ 6.00 per person

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Bodie Tours And The Museum

The Bodie Foundation, made up of a group of people dedicated to the protection and preservation of the region, offers visitors various tours in and around Bodie State Historic Park. All proceeds go directly to fundraising efforts to keep the park in good repair.

Twilight Tours

This spooky tour offers a history lesson about the different inhabitants of Bodie, including a visit to the ghost town cemetery. It’s a relatively easy walking tour – perfect for all ages!

Visit of the ridges

On the Ridge Tour, clients can tour the rounded cliffs overlooking Bodie with a professional guide. There are some pretty challenging hiking elements on this tour, so guests with physical issues should be wary. In addition, a minimum age of ten is applied.

Visit of the old marina

In this scenic tour of the Old Marina, visitors can tour the country (with a guide) and see Mono Lake and its wildlife just north of Lee Vining. Experienced guides will brief guests on the earliest ranches, farms, and homes that occupied this area and supported the mining town of Bodie.

2021 tour prices:

  • One to four visitors: $ 200
  • Each additional visitor: $ 50.00 per person

Room and museum of the Union of Miners

Located in the original union building from 1878, this fabulous museum offers tourist information, a small gift shop and plenty of ways to donate to the Bodie Foundation.

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General information and frequently asked questions

  • Prices: Adults: $ 8.00 per person (18+) Children: $ 5.00 per child (4 to 17 years old) | Baby: free (0-3 years old)
  • Self-guided tour booklet: $ 3.00

To note: online reservations are not currently available for Bodie State Historical Park

  • Bodie Park opening hours: March 14 to November 6, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, in the park, but dogs are prohibited inside historic buildings. This includes the museum and the stamp mill.

  • Park address: Highway 270, Bridgeport CA 93517


Bridgeport Inn

An 1800s hostel, this would be a great place to stay for people looking to add a little more spooky to their trip.

  • Approvals: Wi-Fi, restaurant, free breakfast
  • Address: 205 Main St, Bridgeport, CA 93517, United States

Virginia Creek Settlement

A modern resort with a relaxed vibe, Virginia Creek Settlement offers rustic-themed rooms and cabins.

  • Approvals: Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar, free breakfast
  • Address: 70847 US-395, Bridgeport, CA 93517, United States

Ruby Inn Bridgeport

Ruby Inn Bridgeport is basically just a standard hotel, with clean rooms, plenty of amenities, and reasonable rates.

Amenities: Wi-Fi, pool and hot tub, pets welcome, all-inclusive option Address: 333 Main St, Bridgeport, CA 93517, United States

In conclusion, Bodie State Historic Park (and its ghost town) would make a great vacation spot this spooky season. With tours and a museum to educate guests about all of Bodie’s fascinating American Old West history, a trip to Bodie would not only be educational, but also super fun!

Remember to be on the lookout for ghosts and keep a camera ready in case some ghoulish friends decide to make an appearance!

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