Bristol airport: easyJet confirms a technical problem on board as the cause of the emergency landing


An easyJet flight from Bristol Airport was forced to return and make an emergency landing due to a technical problem on board on Friday evening.

The Airbus made it to Newcastle on the evening of March 4 after less than an hour’s flight before the pilots turned away and the plane landed successfully on its first attempt. Flight 572 was due to land in Newcastle at 8.53pm after taking off 40 minutes late, making its way to Manchester before turning back due to a “technical problem”.

Bristol live contacted easyJet for comment on the nature of the emergency, and a spokesperson issued the following statement: “easyJet can confirm that flight EZY572 from Bristol to Newcastle has been diverted to Bristol due to a technical problem The aircraft landed smoothly and passengers disembarked normally.

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“Unfortunately, due to the delay which caused the flight’s estimated arrival time at Newcastle to be outside the airport curfew, the flight was delayed overnight and rescheduled to depart for Newcastle today, March 5. easyJet has done everything possible to minimize disruption to our passengers, providing hotel rooms and meals where necessary.

The airline added that the safety of its passengers and crew was easyJet’s top priority. The flight landed at Bristol Airport at 8:55 p.m.

Flight maps reveal the plane was closer to Newcastle Airport when the technical problem was identified, however, the easyJet flight was diverted to Bristol. They were also closer to Manchester, Birmingham and East Midlands airports.

The time required for the aircraft to descend to its cruising altitude could have been a factor in diverting the flight to its take-off point.

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