Business park in sight at Sibulan airport?


Amid the hubbub of reclamation, another sane idea raised by Vice Governor Macias is the development of the 2 km x 4 km Sibulan Airport into a modern business park after five years when the new airport Bacong International will have been opened.

This is an idea inspired by the development of the 174 hectare shoreline reclamation in Dumaguete which, if the documents are approved and the requirements met, will begin in a year or two.

But two are better than one. What comes first will benefit future generations with the influx of modern environmental technological interventions.

The development of the airport is not even at the planning stage yet, just an idea. And the Bacong airport where he will be transferred is now buying rights of way for the roads while the plan is now approved by the DOTC. This was confirmed by DOTC Sec Arthur Tugade in a recent CHRONICLE interview here during Pres Duterte’s last visit.


The next question is who will build the idea of ​​the airport business park? We have models like Iloilo and Cebu where Lahug airport is now the site of Cebu Business Park.

Do you want the Whites to build, or the Asian Chinese? Maybe Japanese, take your pick. They are yours to ask. So, interested people can now start contacting their friends.


Which brings us now to the idea of ​​forging the long idea of ​​a METRO DUMAGUETE which will be composed of Sibulan, Bacong and Valencia because development is inevitable.

Please, environmentalists, join us in this dream of a lifetime. Do not be an obstacle but a contributor to its total development. Find solutions and effective mitigation and intervention measures. See not the destruction, but the exploration and the accumulation.

Metro Dumaguete needs a law, a law of the Republic, so we need a sponsor of the Congress. Next, we need a constitution and corporate statutes for this new public company.

Then we have the political ramifications as to who will be the chief administrator of Metro Dumaguete, like Mayor Abalos of Metro Manila.

Then we increased the internal IRA income allocations for each LGU, which of course means an increase in property and business taxes. Will the people approve of this massive increase?

These more political, financial and geographic border problems will surely arise.

We estimate it will take a generation. Unless we have supermen LGU officials who have support and contacts in the powers of Manila.

It seems like another impossible dream, but without the destructive obstructionists it could come true.


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