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The Rwanda Development Board has fined the Hilltop Hotel Rwf300,000 and closed it for a month following reports of poor service delivery during the Tour du Rwanda which just took place. finish.

According to local media, some reptiles had appeared in the rooms of visitors who were among the players present at the Tour du Rwanda 2022.

However, after the sanctions, more people took to social media to comment on service delivery in Rwanda and its critical aspects.

Most experts, university professors in the hospitality industry who spoke to this paper indicate that more investment should be considered to scale up service delivery in Rwanda.

Jerome Iradukunda, the dean of studies at the University of Tourism and Business, praises Rwanda’s level of development in the tourist hospitality sector.

“For the past few years, we have hosted international meetings, and some global brands from international hotel groups have joined us in Rwanda, which is rarely found in the East African region,” said- he recalled.

However, he is disappointed that less investment is still visible in more hospitality establishments, thus encouraging more unprofessional behavior.

“A hotel manager is paid less than other managers of banks and most other businesses. This makes those who have gone to hospitality groups join other professions and as a hospitality industry , we are registering more losses,” he added.

The same opinions are shared by Carolyn Imali, trainer in hotel management.

She also advocates for the low wages in the hospitality industry that cause her enthusiasts to flee the career.

Imalu says hospitality industry salaries, especially low-level positions, are lacking.

“When these people have the chance to go to work outside the country or in other offers, they join them for the most part”.

We have many qualified Rwandan citizens who can greatly improve this industry, she continues, but they know that the salary in the hospitality sector is minimal and they would prefer to continue in other careers.

Hospitality student Donah Mutangana also points out that poor service delivery is often due to a lack of investment in human capital to professionalize the field.

“There should be a solid way to retain hospitality students in the field, because once the career is practiced by those who have not taken the same courses in the schools, the reputation can deteriorate,” a- she declared.

Reports indicate that Rwanda received over 36,000 foreign tourists who generated an income of Rwf 121 million in 2020, a trend that was disrupted by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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