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(CHCC) — Over the past week, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation successfully transferred two patients off-island for tertiary care, using air ambulance transport, with support from the CNMI Governor’s Office, Department of Human Services Fire and Emergency Medical, Commonwealth Ports Authority, US Department of Defense and US Customs and Border Protection.

Although CHCC provides primary care to all CNMI residents, patients requiring the type of care considered highly specialized which typically involves advanced and complex procedures may need to be transferred to a hospital facility outside of the CHCC. CNMI.

Air ambulance transport is the fastest way to transport critically ill patients from one facility to another, and it includes accompaniment by trained medical personnel. Certain conditions necessitate the use of air ambulance transportation as it is the most appropriate and efficient mode of transportation for that patient under specific circumstances and when the closest proximity to an available hospital facility is located at beyond Guam.

Coordinating emergency air ambulance transport can take up to 72 hours before a patient is airlifted, as coordination includes:

• The treating physician discusses the patient’s care from patient stabilization to patient arrival at the transferring facility to ensure a smooth transition of care.

• Ensure that the receiving facility has a bed available to accept and care for the patient upon arrival and after surgery.

• Ensure emergency air ambulance availability nearby.

• Work with the patient’s insurance plan to ensure coverage for medical care at the transferring facility.

• Ensure that there are no immigration barriers to entry for the patient and accompanying person.

• Produce all medical records, vaccination records and Covid-19 test results, especially where Covid-19 vaccination is required.

• Management of all ground travel details to and from the airport.

CHCC remains committed to delivering the best outcome for each of its patients, whether off-island or on-island, as quickly as possible. He is currently working with the CNMI Legislature to establish the Health Network Program, an overhaul of the Office of Medical Referral Services – a network of off-island providers available to see CNMI residents – which will operate under the CHCC.

Goals of the health network program include streamlining assistance to eligible patients with demonstrated need for access to tertiary care and enabling CHCC to integrate patient care and respond quickly to changes in provider capacity healthcare provider on the island to treat CNMI residents.

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