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The Grand Tour is back with a special episode – The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown – and will see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May get into classic cars and take off for Scotland. The third feature film which is part of the fourth season of The Grand Tour was filmed in the UK due to coronavirus restrictions, which meant international travel was banned. Nonetheless, in the trailer, James promises “the best ride we’ve ever done.” But what was it like working alongside the host trio and producing the episode? Andy Wilman spoke about the unique dynamic that Jeremy, Richard and James have with each other.

Discussing the filming of the special in Scotland under covid restrictions, Andy said it could get “pretty miserable”.

You sit at the bar at night, you have to book the whole hotel and you all have to sit about 10 meters from each other, which is not really conducive, ”he explained.

“Then the bar closes at nine and you return to your room.

“All that stuff and then you have all the finesse rules you have as a film crew for Covid. “

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But he said “Jeremy was the best” at adhering to all the rules.

“He said, ‘I’m 60, I smoked three-quarters of a million queers’ – he was very scared to catch that thing,” Andy revealed.

“I’m going to make the rules,” he said. And the other two were the same.

Will spoke about the importance of adhering to the rules: “We all knew it was a butterfly wing, a chain reaction.

“How are the children? “They’re mean, they’re unfair, they’re hopefully funny and charming with it, but they’re going to fuck themselves,” he told BT.com.

As for what viewers can expect from the new episode, the trailer gives plenty of clues.

Richard’s car is seen smoking, as Jeremy tries to squeeze through the back window of his classic vehicle.

They are also tasked with building a bridge – somewhere in the Outer Hebrides – that James’ car ends up getting stuck on.


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