Craig Johnson concludes Christmas story tour, focuses on new direction for novels


Author Craig johnson wrapped up their Christmas story tour at several libraries in northeastern Wyoming on December 20 with a stop at Occidental Hotel to Buffalo. Despite the great popularity of Johnson’s books, which regularly feature on the New York Times bestseller list, the Christmas story was not something he planned to make an annual event.

“I had a short story which appeared in Cowboys & Indians magazine, ”he said. “What happened was I thought, ‘It wouldn’t be good to give everyone something for Christmas’, and I sent it to everyone. [subscribers] inboxes, and [the next year] everyone has started emailing me saying “When will we have Christmas story this year?” And I was like, “I didn’t write one,” so I had to sit down real quick and write one, and it kind of became a tradition.

What Johnson has created as a tradition in his annual Christmas story is something he has decided to break away from for his future work. Since his first book The cold dish was published in 2004, it has published 20 additional novels in addition to a number of short stories and short stories. In 2012, the Longmire First television series, broadcast for five seasons on A&E and Netflix. Despite the enduring popularity his work has received, Johnson said it was time to take a leap forward for future projects.

“You’re trying to do something different with each book, it seems to me, or you’re going to become kind of a formula, which you really have to be wary of every time you find yourself writing 17 or 18, 19, 20 books. “, did he declare. “It really takes an effort, I think I try to do something different with each book.”

Johnson’s latest book demonstrates this point. Morning Star Girl focuses on a topic that has been the subject of more discussion in recent years: the disappearance and murders of Indigenous women.

“[It’s] a problem that is close to my heart simply because of the locality – the North Cheyennes [and] the raven reservation[s] are just north of where we live, ”he said. “And then also, they’ve been an integral part of the books since the beginning 17 years ago, and so anything that affects them affects me. It has become very topical just because the issue has become very volatile and has started to get a lot more played.

Writing about the plight of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls shocked her editor in New York a little. He gave them statistics on the matter, which he says they found hard to believe at first.

“They were stunned,” Johnson said. “They wanted to make sure that the statistics I gave them were correct because they are so shocking.”

Johnson has indicated that topics like this are one he could feature more in his future work.

“It’s an ongoing thing for me,” he said. “I don’t really want to write novels as an author of detective stories where I just stack bodies like rope wood, I want to have something to say. I kind of tend to call what I write a “socially responsible detective story” and say there’s a message about what I’m trying to get across. And the message about it was definitely the issue of murdered and missing Indigenous women. “

The books are also popular with Native American readers.

“The books have been extraordinarily popular on the Northern Cheyenne and Raven reservations simply because I think trying to write about this part of the world and not include them in this world would be just plain criminal.” he declared. noted. “I have a lot of friends there who facilitate my work in writing the books and also in the development of the television series.”

A new book titled Hell and back is currently under construction. Although Walt Longmire has had his fair share of adventures, Johnson gave an insight and said readers this time can expect to find him waking up in the middle of a small town street during a snowstorm. .

Johnson also said that 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the Longmire the premiere of the TV show and that all the cast should come back for Longmire Days in Buffalo this summer. Several of the major studios, including Warner Bros., which previously produced the show, have launched or plan to launch streaming services in the near future. However, it remains to be seen whether the Longmire will be rebooted, even with its enduring popularity among viewers.

“We’re kind of the victims of our own success in that we’re consistently in the top 20 original content shows on Netflix,” he said. “I know we’re kind of going down to the wire where they [the studios] are going to have to start making their decisions about what they want to do.

The studio ultimately makes the final decision on whether or not to reboot the series. Despite the uncertainty, there is an interest in continuing the streak of others involved.

“All of the cast said it very, very clearly, and even the producers said it very, very clearly that they would like to revisit Absaroka County,” Johnson said. “So we keep our fingers crossed and we’ll see what happens. “


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