Denver International Airport janitors will return to work on Saturday morning as union negotiations resume – CBS Denver


DENVER (CBS4) – On the first day of the concierge strike at Denver International Airport, morale was high. The group of employees went on strike Friday morning.

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“Everyone is bloated. We’re ready to go, ”says Densley Philbert, a striking worker.

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Workers have felt disrespectful because they say they risked their lives to come to work during the pandemic. They say they were called Essentials and Heroes, but now that it’s time for a new contract between Flagship Facility Services and their SEIU union, they’re being left behind. They were on strike to demand more pay and better working conditions from their employer.

Currently, flagship janitors earn around $ 17 an hour, which they say is not a living wage in the city of Denver. Many of them say they need to get a second job or take extra shifts at the airport. They say they want to be paid enough to make a living and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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“No one ever wants to go on strike, but sometimes when you’ve been pushing and disrespecting you have to stand up,” says Ron Ruggiero, president of SEIU Local 105.

On Friday afternoon, SEIU Local 105 announced that Flagship had agreed to start negotiations on Saturday morning and that workers had agreed to return to work. The workers hope that the two sides can reach an agreement because despite a difficult job, it is a job that the strikers like to do.

Gonzalez says, “We clean the bathrooms, we clean the lobby, we do the floors, we do the carpet, we do everything at the airport.

(credit: CBS)

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Philbert adds, “And we have millions of airports around the world, but this one, Denver International Airport, is the cleanest.


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