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Newlyweds Daniella and Benjamin Bushell from Nottinghamshire have been devastated after a mistake made by TUI ‘ruined their honeymoon’. The confusion meant the couple couldn’t go on their planned honeymoon.

The couple were originally scheduled to tie the knot in May, but moved the special day to July specifically because of the holidays.

So the newlyweds were understandably upset and angry to learn that their long-awaited trip had been canceled again.

Benjamin Bushell told Nottinghamshire Live: “When we entered the airport it was practically empty – there was no one there.

“So we thought ‘this is weird’.

“We had to talk to another airline because TUI was not there and we explained the situation to each other.

“They told us there were no flights to Greece.

“Then the woman checked the system and told us the flight had already been canceled. “

Benjamin added that they “haven’t received an email, phone call or anything telling us.”

He said: “We expected to receive something like a phone call in June explaining what the amber status meant so that we could decide what to do.

“We were more than happy to move it.”

Daniella added: “If they had canceled it and let us know last week, we could have planned something else.

“But there is nowhere to go, everywhere is full.

“We now have 10 days sitting at home.”

The couple said they will no longer be flying TUI, but they don’t blame the staff at the airline’s Eastwood branch at all.

“I don’t want people to think we’re angry just because we couldn’t go on vacation, it’s because they didn’t give us the chance to do other plans,” he said. Danielle said.

She added: “They [the company] ruined everything for us.

“And TUI headquarters didn’t seem interested in us missing everything.

“We don’t go on vacation every year because we can’t afford it, so it was our pleasure and now it’s been four years since we haven’t had a vacation.

“We had saved up for it.”

A spokesperson for TUI said the airline apologized to the couple. They added, “We are so sorry that we did not notify Mr. and Mrs. Bushell of the cancellation of their vacation.

“It shouldn’t have happened and we understand how overwhelming their experience must have been.

“We are in contact with the couple and hope that they will accept our gesture of goodwill as well as our sincere apologies.”


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