EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian travelers to Ghana forced to pay $ 100 per night to self-isolate in hotel that offers no water or food after testing positive for COVID


Ghana’s aviation authorities have stepped up their crackdown on Nigerians who tested positive for the coronavirus during a trip to one of their airports.

Officials from the West African nation are moving affected Nigerian travelers to the M Plaza hotel in Accra, the country’s capital, and forcing them to pay $ 100 (N 56,000) per night to self-isolate there.

According to the findings of SaharaReporters, the amount does not give the affected person access to water or food at the hotel.

As a result, around five Nigerians, including a pregnant woman, who are currently forced to stay at the facility by Ghanaian government officials, have not had a decent bath or meal for around six days.

Despite repeated calls to transfer them to a government isolation center in the city, Ghanaian officials declined the request, instead offering only antibiotics to Nigerian travelers, who tested positive for the virus while in transit. .

An concerned traveler told SaharaReporters that after keeping a Nigerian in transit with COVID-19 at this Accra hotel for a week, they will only allow you to leave after paying an additional $ 700 to collect your passport.

He said: “Passengers who test positive for COVID are forced to pay $ 100 a night at a hotel not worth the amount.

“They don’t feed the patients, neither water nor food in the hotel.

“The worst part is, after seven days of paying $ 100 if your test is still positive, they’ll let you go but you have to pay $ 700 before you get your passport back.

“Those who have no money are left in the hotel lobby without drugs which are usually antibiotics.

“There is currently a pregnant woman among Nigerians who is forced to stay at the M Plaza hotel in Accra. She was left unattended and has not bathed for several days.

“When I was taken there, I bought food for her. They treat Nigerians in Ghana really badly.

Ghana on Tuesday announced it would fine airlines $ 3,500 for every passenger flown to Accra International Airport without being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Under new measures that took effect on Wednesday, airlines will also be fined the same amount for travelers who fail to complete a health declaration form before boarding their flight to Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

Under the new rule, Ghanaians who arrive without meeting the requirements will be allowed to enter the country and undergo a 14-day quarantine, while foreigners may be refused entry.

Ghana has one of the toughest coronavirus-related restrictions in West Africa.

The country has recorded 132,000 confirmed cases and 1,243 deaths since the start of the pandemic, according to Reuters.


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