Fly-in fly-out mining worker tests positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Adelaide from Melbourne


Adelaide Airport has been listed as a level 4 coronavirus exposure site after a “highly infectious” miner passed through the terminal yesterday.

The woman arrived on Jetstar flight JQ778 and was tested at the airport on arrival, before taking a taxi to the Quest Hotel on King William Street in Adelaide’s CBD.

“This is a woman in her thirties and she is one of the flying miners who work as an essential worker in our state and she is from Victoria,” said Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier.

As an essential worker, the woman did not have to quarantine herself in a medi-hotel.

However, SA Health said her employer asked the woman to self-quarantine at a commercial hotel in Adelaide before going to the mine site.

The hotel and the Jetstar flight have been listed as Level 1 exhibition sites.

A taxi driver and a hotel front desk worker have been placed in quarantine, while contact tracers examine CCTV for other close contacts.

The woman arrived at around 6:00 p.m. on Sunday and the entire airport has been listed as a Level 4 exposure site, meaning people within the exposure window will need to monitor themselves for symptoms.

“As people know, when they enter our airport, you have to check in by QR, which allows us to text people much faster.

“I would have thought that the people on this flight would have already received a text message and we will follow anyone we cannot reach.”

Professor Spurrier said the woman was tested on arrival at the airport and authorities had “tested positive this morning”.

“This person was wearing a mask, walked through the airport quickly and got into a taxi,” she said.

The woman is among three new cases identified today, including a truck driver in his 40s whose diagnosis was revealed earlier.

The third is an international traveler in his 30s who is currently in a medi-hotel.

More soon.

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