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There is enough evidence to prove the involvement of Lebanese militia Hezbollah in launching attacks on Saudi Arabia from Sana’a airport, coalition forces fighting in Yemen have said.

“We will publish evidence today to prove that Hezbollah is using the airport to target Saudi Arabia,” the statement said.

The statement also claimed to have evidence revealing Hezbollah’s terrorist involvement in Yemen.

The coalition spokesperson said they would release further details during a full briefing on the Yemeni crisis today at 4 p.m. Saudi time.

40 attacks in 24 hours

The spokesperson further said he had carried out 40 attacks against Houthi militia targets in Marib and Al-Jawf in the past 24 hours.

The attacks resulted in the destruction of 17 military vehicles and the deaths of 223 members of the Houthi militia.

“We conducted two operations on the west coast to support coastal forces and protect civilians,” the spokesperson said.

He also confirmed that he defeated an attempted arms transfer in Sana’a.

“The attacks were aimed at neutralizing the threats,” the spokesperson said, calling on civilians not to congregate or approach Houthi sites in Sana’a.

“The Houthis,” he said, “managed to transfer weapons to the Tashrifat camp within a given time frame.

“We managed to destroy nine gun stores in the camp.”

The coalition said Thursday it had destroyed seven drone and weapon stores at a military camp in the capital Sana’a in response to an armed drone launched from northern Yemen into Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region in the Red Sea.

The coalition said it carried out the operation in accordance with international humanitarian law.


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