In brief: short-term business transfers in Spain


Short term transfers


Under what circumstances is a visa necessary for short-term travellers? How are short-term visas obtained?

Foreign nationals of countries requiring a visa to enter Spain must obtain a visa even if the visit lasts only one hour.

A tourist visa allows an uninterrupted stay or successive stays up to a maximum of 90 days per semester from the first entry. The tourist visa is obtained from the Spanish embassy or consulate in the country where the applicant is located.


What are the main restrictions imposed on a business visitor?

Foreigners are not allowed to train or work.

Short-term training

Is a work permit or an immigration permit necessary to give or receive short-term training?

A foreigner needs a work permit and is allowed to stay in Spain for one year.


Are transit visas required to travel to your country? How are they obtained? Are they compulsory only for certain nationals?

Yes, transit visas are required for foreigners authorized to stay in the international transit area of ​​a Spanish airport, without entering Spanish territory, who are in airport transit during stopovers or air connections. They cannot leave this area of ​​the airport or enter Spain.

Those with a tourist or work visa do not need a transit visa.

Transit visas can be requested from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate. Sometimes an application includes a personal interview, including documentary evidence and answers to questions about the travel itinerary.

Under the Spanish Organic Law on Foreigners and its Royal Decree, the General Commissariat for Immigration and Borders can authorize the entry into Spain of foreigners who do not meet the requirements when there are exceptional reasons of a humanitarian nature, public interest or compliance with commitments made. by Spain. It is not easy to achieve, so it is better to travel with visas.

Visa waiver and fast-track entry

Are there visa waiver or fast-track entry programs?

Yes, they include all Entrepreneur Act 14/2013 permit categories (e.g. Investor, Entrepreneur, Highly Skilled, Researchers and Intra-Company Transfer) and Youth Mobility Schemes with Australia, Canada , Japan, South Korea and New Zealand.


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