Inside Burj Al Arab takes you on a dazzling tour of the famous UAE landmark on digital screens! | INSITE OOH multimedia platform


Beyond Dubai Hospitality and Tourism the industry with a DOOH campaign after their previousJumeirah Group is delighted to welcome people to Inside Burj Al Arab. This hotel tour will allow citizens and visitors of the United Arab Emirates to see the most important and inaccessible areas of Burj Al Arab, the recognized symbol of Arab luxury.

During the tour, visitors will embark on an intimate 90-minute journey of discovery to learn the untold stories of the national symbol of the United Arab Emirates and find out what makes it such a monument of architectural ingenuity. The tour includes stops at the hotel‘s famous atrium, the lavish Royal Suite, and a specially curated Experience Suite with multimedia interactions that allow visitors to relive history while viewing the original architectural designs that marked the start of everything.

Snippets of these experiences are revealed in the visuals, with families enjoying the tour, taking selfies and marveling at the scene inside and outside the hotel. The unrivaled environmental views allow guests to admire the sparkling vistas of the pristine turquoise seas of the Arabian Gulf and breathtaking sunsets. The slogan, “Tour An Icon”, is highlighted by the spectacular shots inside the building and its stunning interior design.

The new limited campaign rolled out across Dubai on digital billboards during the second week of August.


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