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The addition of a second Avgas refueling service at Rome airport has been well received by users of small aircraft and helicopters in the region.

IOR Aviation has had a Jet A1 refueling service at the airport since 2020, but announced this week that it was increasing its capacity and also offering an Avgas refueling service.

BP is the other operator at the airport, with a kerosene service and an Avgas tanker.

Roma Aero Club member Grant Maudsley said it was good to see some competition and another way to meet farm needs.

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“I support them – it’s a local fuel company, starting in Eromanga,” he said. “They introduced their service at Roma a few years ago and it’s adding up.”

IOR aviation manager Bryce Morland said the new service would not just support those flying into Rome airport.

“The new Avgas service at the airport will provide on-plane refueling, compliant drum refueling and brand new aviation fuel drums for customers who wish to purchase Avgas in bulk,” he said.

“Feedback from Airmen and our existing customers in the surrounding area told us that access to bulk Avgas on the farm was a key priority.

“This new bulk refueling service from Avgas at Rome Airport will provide people with additional comfort.

“Our customers don’t have to wait for a delivery to buy fuel in bulk – they can arrange to pick up a new barrel or have one of their own compliant barrels filled when they visit town.”

Mr Morland said that with the 2021 launch of IOR’s livestock cross-loading facility at its Roma depot, the investment in providing reliable access to fuel for airmen in the bush marked the company’s ongoing commitment to Roma and the surrounding region.

IOR Aviation’s network includes 26 sites in regional airports across Eastern Australia, supporting connectivity for the aviation, agriculture and tourism industries.

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