Jet2 passengers stranded in Cyprus after Glasgow flight canceled without notice


Scottish Jet2 passengers have found themselves stranded in Cyprus after their flight to Glasgow was canceled without notice.

The flight, which was due to take off from Larnaca airport at 10:25 p.m. local time on Wednesday May 5, was suddenly aborted after an emergency incident en route.

Holidaymakers were waiting at the gate to board the plane when the flight was cancelled.

Passengers had the option of boarding flights to Leeds, Manchester or Newcastle, but no Scottish route was offered.

It is understood that up to 100 panicked passengers were left at the airport for hours.

Jet2 gave customers the choice of taking a refund and finding their own way home or waiting for another Jet2 flight.

Sharon Kyle, from Blantyre, was on holiday with her husband and son to celebrate his 50th birthday and says the family were ‘dropped’ at a hotel by the airline.

The 51-year-old said staff told her to head for the gates after check-in, but the family remained in disbelief when told their return flight had been cancelled.

Sharon was on vacation for a belated 50th birthday celebration

After hours of confusion at the airport, Sharon and her family – along with around 40 other passengers – were whisked off to a local hotel in the early hours.

They now have to wait until tonight to fly to Manchester before being taken back to Glasgow by bus.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Sharon said: “When we got to the airport around 7pm they told us to go to our gate.

“They dumped us at this hotel around 3am, we didn’t even know where we were. It’s absolutely appalling the way we were treated. Jet2 staff were extremely rude.”

Sharon says families with young children and wheelchair users are among the displaced passengers who have been left waiting to return home.

The 51-year-old was in Cyprus with her husband and son for a belated 50th birthday celebration but says the trip was ‘ruined’.

The couple vowed never to fly Jet2 again after their experience.

She said: “We just found ourselves stranded here and abandoned.

“Why isn’t Jet2 flying a plane here to take us to Glasgow this morning? We’re just not getting any answers.

“People missed their jobs.

“It’s the end of the holidays and it’s ruined.

“We were supposed to come back in September with Jet2 and my husband wants me to cancel it.”

Jodie Turner, 22, and her aunt Lynne Milne, 50, from Paisley, are also among those facing a long wait at the hotel.

Sharon knocked at Jet2

The 50-year-old suffers from diabetes, fibromyalgia and has a heart condition that requires daily medication.

However, the delay means Lynne doesn’t have enough doses to keep up with her until they get home on Friday.

Jodie said: “We brought her an extra dose to make sure she had enough, but it all happened.

“We managed to get a Jet2 representative to come to a pharmacy, they need a doctor to write a prescription.

“She just had a heart attack a few months ago and we’re really worried that something might happen on the flight.”

Lynne also needs a wheelchair, which makes the upheaval even more difficult for the family.

Jodie claimed Jet2 staff at the airport did not help when Lynne’s blood sugar dropped dangerously after hours of waiting.

She added: “The customer service we received last night was the worst I have ever had. The way we were treated is honestly disgusting.

“After sitting at the airport all this time, my aunt can barely move and she still has a long flight and then the drive home.”

Jet2 said the flight was canceled due to an urgent medical incident on another service and apologized to customers.

The flight was canceled due to a medical emergency

A Jet2 spokesperson said: “Yesterday flight LS141 from Larnaca to Glasgow had to divert to Budapest due to a customer requiring urgent medical attention.

“The unforeseen delay caused by this diversion meant that our cabin crew ran out of operating hours, meaning the flight was unable to return as planned from Larnaca in the UK.

“Our teams have worked extremely hard to provide a number of options for customers, including swapping on upcoming flights to the UK, canceling with a full refund or changing their booking to a flight of their choice.

“Where customers have chosen to redeem on another flight today, we are doing everything to take care of them, including hotel accommodations and food and beverage.

“We spoke to Ms Kyle today and our team are visiting the hotel to ensure that she and other guests have everything they need. Of course we would like to apologize to all guests affected by these unforeseen circumstances.”


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