JOE LYNN TURNER talks about the premonition of RANDY RHOADS’ death on tour – “We saw a black aura around the conductor…”


Joe Lynn Turner recently appeared on WESU’s syndicated show Noize In The Attic and spoke candidly about ghosts, vaccines, Ukraine and the tragedy that foresaw the death of guitar legend Randy Rhoads.

Turner: “We were on a tour of the United States – Rainbow – and we were in Memphis. We were changing buses because our driver, Bill Miller from Florida Coach, was going on vacation. So Ritchie (Blackmore) and I got off a a little late coming out of the hotel and everything was transported from one bus to the new bus, so Ritchie and I were walking to the new bus, and we looked at the driver, and he looked at me, and I looked at him, and he said ‘Do you see him?’ And I said, ‘I see it.’ We saw a black aura around the driver because we were really into that stuff; energies and frequencies, and supernatural paranormal stuff.

The road manager encouraged Bill Miller, our original driver, to stay. We paid him double, I think, but he stayed, because we wouldn’t get on the bus with that guy. Because when you get on a bus with your driver, you have to be really safe because we were in Germany when the Metallica bus flipped over. We were about half an hour behind them, and you know what happened there.

Anyway, this story is one where the driver – we wouldn’t get on a bus with the driver; we found it to be dangerous. Well, this driver – I think his name was Aycoff (Aycock). He also had a small plane pilot’s license, and he was the guy with Randy Rhoads. He was the real pilot.”

Check out the full interview with Greg Schmitt below (from 73 minutes) plus new music from Ozzy, Sword, Vinnie Moore, Powerwolf and more.

Randy Rhoads died in a plane crash while on tour with Ozzy Osbourne in Florida in March 1982. After driving for much of the night, they stopped at Flying Baron Estates in Leesburg, Florida, to fix a faulty air conditioning unit on the bus while Osbourne stayed. sleeping. On the property, owned by the Calhoun Brothers tourist bus company, there was an airstrip with helicopters and small planes. Without permission, tourist bus driver and private pilot Andrew Aycock took a Beechcraft F35 single-engine plane. On the first flight, Aycock took keyboardist Don Airey and tour manager Jake Duncan with him as passengers. During this first robbery, Duncan later revealed that Aycock “buzzed” the bus in an attempt to wake up drummer Tommy Aldridge. The group then landed and a second flight quickly took off with Rhoads and makeup artist Rachel Youngblood on board. Although he was afraid to fly, Rhoads wanted to take aerial photos of the countryside for his mother.

During the second flight, further attempts were made to buzz the tour bus. Aycock managed to make two close passes, but missed the third attempt. At around 10 a.m., after being in the air for about five minutes, one of the plane’s wings clipped the top of the tour bus, breaking the wing in two and sending the plane spiraling uncontrollable. The plane then cut through the top of a pine tree and crashed into the garage of a nearby mansion, bursting into flames. Rhoads, Aycock and Youngblood were killed instantly.


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