Killeen-Fort Hood Airport opens its first hangar


KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) – History was made Monday at Killeen Fort Hood Airport when it opened its first hangar.

The hangar will serve two main purposes, one being the regional aircraft maintenance facility for CSI Aviation which operates from Florida to New Mexico.

“This airport already attracts more than 250,000 passengers a year,” said Killeen’s executive director of communications, Janell Lewis Ford. “So it’s just going to bring more, and that’s what we want, to really be your hometown airport in central Texas.”

Second, air medical ambulance operations.

“They will have a 24/7 crew, 365 people stationed here who live here in the hangar, available to the community in the area at all times,” said Mike Wilson, executive director of Killeen Aviation.

CSI expects the hangar will create more than 40 jobs, including pilots, medical teams, mechanics and administrative staff.

“This will be a great economic development opportunity not only for the airport, but also for the city,” Wilson said.

The hangar will support the company’s air charter and air transport solutions for passengers, cargo and medical missions.

“For the airport itself, it brings a lot of flight operations to our facility here which brings aircraft and fuel sales to the airport,” Wilson said.

Plus, it’s a Ministry of Defense certified carrier, which is huge for the Killeen area.

“It means you have been certified to fly military personnel,” said CSI Aviation CEO Allen Weh. “Well, last time I checked there were about 30,000 troops just a little north of us.”

Lewis Ford wants to remind people that Killeen Fort Hood Regional Airport is your Central Texas hometown airport, accessible to everyone.

“We serve so many different areas here,” Lewis Ford said. “Don’t start your ride with a drive to the airport to Austin or Dallas or other places when you can just come here.”

This is just the beginning of the growth of Killeen Fort Hood Airport. They are adding another shed in the next few years.


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