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Inside Boston Logan International Airport Terminal E on Monday, there were plenty of warm hugs and big kisses after the Biden administration lifted a pandemic travel ban on international visitors to more from 30 countries after 19 months.

Families, friends and couples were kissing, in many cases after more than a year and a half.

“Today is the big day. I am very excited,” said Daniel MacDonald while holding a bouquet of flowers. “It’s like Christmas morning!”

MacDonald had been waiting for this day for a while.

“She hasn’t been to the US since February 2020. A few days before it all stopped,” he said of his girlfriend Olivia, who took a flight from the UK to Boston.

The couple dated a long distance during the pandemic.

“It’s tough, but you know, it’s not worth getting upset because I have it and it’s more than I can ask for,” MacDonald added.

This relaxation of the rules means Elias Boujouf from Luxembourg celebrates his birthday on his first visit to the United States and can kiss his girlfriend he met in Europe.

“A great relief for us and for a lot of people coming from Europe to the United States and without having to do these tours first in Mexico, two weeks to come to the United States or from Romania – so I think that it is a great relief, ”he said. noted.

The United States is re-allowing international visitors as the Biden administration lifted its pandemic travel ban in more than 30 countries.

About a fifth of the roughly 79 million visitors to the United States in 2019 came from Europe. It was around the time that Françoise Praine last saw her grandchildren.

“Too long, too long. But now I’m here! I’m so happy!” she said.

While Roni, who loves Praine, arrived from France and was able to find his daughter. Adding truth to the saying: absence makes the heart more loving.

“I want to hold you all night,” he told his daughter, holding her close to him. “It’s the first thing I’m going to do.”

Airport officials expect international travel to continue to accelerate as the winter break approaches, making the hour at the airport busier and busier for local businesses.

Boston Logan Airport International Terminal is set to become busier as COVID-19 travel bans lifted in countries such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa South, UK and much of Europe.

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