Miami International Airport plans biometric boarding at all gates by 2023


Miami International Airport (MIA) says all of its passenger gates will be equipped with biometric boarding by 2023 to forge what the airport operator says is the largest implementation of biometrics in all US airports.

The project will integrate the SITA Smart Path which allows passengers to use their facial biometrics as a boarding pass using NEC’s technology. MIA says it will simply ask passengers to report to a camera at a gate and have their identity verified.

The airport expects all of its more than 130 gates to be equipped with biometric boarding systems by 2023. Ralph Cutié, Director and CEO of MIA, said: “We look forward to improving the our passengers with this state-of-the-art boarding. Solution. MIA is now the busiest US airport for international travel and continues to set new records every month for passenger growth. Biometric onboarding is one of the major steps we are taking to pave the way for further growth in the years to come.

“Overall, we find that passengers want a faster journey through the airport where key stages of travel are automated,” comments Matthys Serfontein, president of SITA Americas. “Our Smart Path biometric solution will enable future expansion to other touchpoints at MIA as well as the use of multiple forms of digital identity.”

MIA’s Maurice Jenkins, who recently joined a panel with representatives from CBP and Idemia to discuss the future of airport biometrics, explains in a video that if the airport has already achieved full biometric identity verification coverage for arriving international flights, it will not extend the service to departing international flights.

MIA has long been a pioneer in biometrics. It contracted SITA in 2015 to provide a total of 80 automated self-service passport control kiosks that use fingerprints and facial biometrics to match passengers with their passports. He piloted biometric exit technology based on facial recognition with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in 2017, and partnered with SITA, CBP and Lufthansa on biometric exit technology in 2019. 2019 trial reportedly resulted in a significant improvement in boarding times according to MIA, and a 99 percent match rate.

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