Michigan Flyer has approved the construction of a bus shelter at the Brighton Meijer stop


BRIGHTON – Brighton City Council has approved a special land use permit for the Michigan Flyer to have a temporary bus stop in Meijer.

The Michigan Flyer, LLC., owned by Indian Trails, Inc., began in 2006 busing people from Michigan to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

In 2019, the Livingston Essential Transportation Service (LETS) requested airport transportation services and Michigan Flyer established a stopover in Brighton.

Michigan Flyer went on hiatus during the pandemic, then restarted service in the spring of 2021.

One of the challenges of setting up a stop in Livingston County was finding a stop with available parking. So Indian Trails made a deal with the Brighton Meijer location to use the southern part of their lot as a temporary stop.

Going forward, LETS intends to build a new permanent intermodal transport hub in Livingston County, but this will take years, according to the Brighton City Council meeting brief.

Shortly after the Michigan Flyer began stopping in Brighton, its use of Meijer was found to be in violation of a City of Brighton ordinance. Michigan Flyer applied for a special use permit, which was approved at the October 6 city council meeting.

With this permit, Michigan Flyer also plans to build a bus shelter at its Meijer parking lot bus stop. The shelter and surrounding area will be maintained by the Michigan Flyer, LLC., including winter salting.

The shelter will include a bench for passengers and a garbage can.

“Everything we do that has been presented to both the planning commission and the city council, we were already planning to do anyway,” said Chad Cushman, president of Indian Trails, Inc. “This includes installation of a bus shelter. This will also include a solar-powered bus tracking device.”

The tracker will provide the buses’ expected arrival times so passengers don’t have to use mobile devices to track them, Cushman said. As part of the agreement with Meijer, the stop has 100 designated parking spaces, all of which are easily accessible from the shelter and within 300 feet of the stop.

Although there is currently no bike rack, the proposal indicates that the company can include one if needed.

The current number of passengers flying from Brighton to Detroit Metro Airport, Ann Arbor or East Lansing is around 25 to 30 per day, Cushman said. The proposal foresees that this number will increase to around 100 passengers per day over the next few years.

Sophia Lada is a journalist at the Livingston Daily. Contact her at [email protected] or 517-377-1065. Follow her on Twitter @sophia_lada.


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