Microsoft Flight Simulator Concorde Gets New Screenshots; Dash 7 announced; Launch of Prague and Guangzhou airport next week


The third-party developers had many reveals to share about the add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator today, in addition to a relevant new release.

We start with the traditional weekly update from DC Designs which includes new screenshots of the Concorde and even one of the upcoming freeware P-61B Black Widow.

After the epic work done by CodenameJack on the fuel system, my job (in progress) was to walk through everything on the engineer’s panel, making sure all annunciator lights and MI circuits are functioning as they are supposed to. Jack’s work is so precise that I was able to reference it to the real Concorde, and the same process is now applied to the electrical and hydraulic panels. Concorde had three hydraulics for redundancy purposes, but I don’t know if all three will be made operational at this point (although all controls are available for this purpose). Fuel transfer is now identical to the real Concorde, balancing the center of gravity via the correct trim transfer tanks. So far, the template has over 10,000 lines of code to handle all of this, with more to come.

There have been many comments over the past week regarding Concorde’s lack of an Inertial Navigation System ( INS ). There’s a very good reason for that – to build one you have to use WASM gauges for MSFS, and at the moment they don’t work on consoles, which was one of the reasons why others Complex airliners with WASM gauges have been removed from Xbox sale. The good news is that once they’re up and running I can add an INS and I’ve spoken to Just Flight about working on this together when the time comes. For now, the INS has been modeled but modified to function as a more modern digital entry screen so users can both enter and edit flight plans without having to return to the main SIM menu. . This configuration will remain with Concorde, while the INS when it arrives will be a selectable option (DED for ease, INS for total realism).

Concorde will soon be ready for its maiden transatlantic flight, which will determine whether the flight model is now realistic enough for it to cross the ocean without running out of fuel. Concorde often landed at JFK with about 22,000 pounds of fuel, which seems like a lot. However, at circuit height, that’s enough fuel for maybe a single go-around, so there’s not much wiggle room. Factors that have been confirmed to work correctly include climb in cruise, supercruise, drag regimes and how air temperature will affect Concorde’s ability to reach Mach 2. Quite often in the summer, the upper atmosphere was too hot for Mach. 2, with Concorde cruising just below and the crew “adjusting” displays in the passenger cabin so passengers don’t feel like they’ve been “ripped off” on a Mach 2 flight. Such Atmospheric limitations are present in the simulator, and the flight model will continue to be refined for accuracy until launch.

Next, we take a look at a brand new aircraft from a collaboration between SimWorks Studios and PILOT’s, the de Havilland Canada DHC-7, better known as the Dash 7.

This veteran four-engine regional turboprop will have its 3D model, animations, systems and flight dynamics developed by SimWorks, while PILOT takes care of the rest.

The developers promise “authentic and realistic representation” but “accessible to newcomers” at the same time.

We also get an update from Hype Performance Group previewing new features coming with its Airbus H145 in beta 10 releasing this weekend. These include a new downwash effect, more work done on military variant weapons, and more.

Next we hear from SamScene3D, which revealed that its new China Guangzhou ZGGG package will be released next week.

It also confirms that the landscape will include the busy Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (ZGGG), as you can see below.

Last, but not least, Orbx has released, as previously announced, its rendition of Václav Havel Prague Airport (LKPR) in the Czech Republic.

It can be purchased from Orbx Direct for $19.48, including the following.

  • High quality rendering of LKPR airport in Prague
  • High quality PBR textures
  • Current airport layout fully updated with recent real changes
  • 21 custom points of interest
  • Custom animations
  • 90 km² of extended aerial images
  • Custom gateways and GSE
  • Dynamic night lighting
  • custom groundpoly

Below you can watch the trailer also released today.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S.


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