New pet relief area opens at Toronto Pearson International Airport


TORONTO – Toronto Pearson International Airport wants to make things easier for those traveling with their pets.

In a social media post, the airport said it was “helping out” by creating a designated area for pets to use the bathroom.

In the post, an image of a fire hydrant on a piece of grass is seen.

“We want a comfortable experience for all of our passengers, including our four-legged friends,” the post said.

“(International) passengers arriving at Terminal 1 can take their furry companions to our new pet relief area (with) an in-floor flushing system to keep the area clean.”

The new emergency zone opened last Thursday, but the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) says there are 10 such spaces at Pearson Airport.

“There are post-security locations inside the terminal for connecting and departing passengers and pets, and three areas outside on the sidewalks to accommodate animals before security,” said Beverly MacDonald, GTAA Senior Communications Advisor in a statement.

“The in-ground flushing system ensures that when an animal uses the area, any residue is removed from the area and treated in the same way as any waste from the sanitary facilities.”

There are doggy bags and a shovel for pet owners to clean up after their pets.

The emergency zones are part of the airport accessibility program, which aims to remove obstacles to the movement of people with disabilities.

The following are the locations of the emergency zones at Toronto Pearson International Airport:

  • Domestic: Secure side Level 2 near the exit door on the public side

  • Cross-border: Through gate F83

  • International: Located at the arrival transfer level near the international gates

  • Departures Public side: Door from level 3 to aisle 15 outside

  • Ground floor Public side: Ground floor outside near the S post

Terminal 3

  • Domestic / international departures: Through gate B26

  • Cross-border: Through gate A9

  • International Arrivals: Arrival transfer level above gate C36

  • Platform A: Hall on level 1

  • Public side on the ground floor: outside door A

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