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Today, I am feel particularly old! But I don’t let my old age annoy while having fun. It does not matter: whether you are in your 20 or 60, it is now your FIRST! Go out and have a party (but make sure you don’t invite your kids)!

Find out what the The breeze has blown today: read the story on the transfer of liquor license, get all the details on flights go to Salt Lake City, and find out how road construction affects the city center!

Casper should see a maximum 73 ° F today with a mixture of clouds and gusts of wind. This Broken come from SW at a sharp 20 to 30 mph.

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Daily update


The liquor license is changing hands!

Wyoming Bootlegger Liqueur, who goes bankrupt, transfers his liquor license to Wyoming Lows. It’s sad to see a business go, but at least we can still have our party! Raise a glass to our comrade Wyoming Businesses.

See the story here!

Feature, Oil City News

Flights at the airport?

How often do you leave Casper? With flights to and from Salt Lake City on the line, Natrona County is striving to maintain this operational air traffic!

See the story here!

(Petroleum City staff)

Road closed!

Downtown Casper begins construction of its roads! Yes, it’s a bit complicated for the community and businesses from downtown, but that won’t stop us. Support the locals, whatever sun, rain, snow or road construction!

See the story here!

Breeze jobs

Electrician at Casper / Natrona County International Airport

Casper / Natrona County International Airport is looking for a Full time electrician. The works include housing and commercial renovation work, aerodrome maintenance, HVAC maintenance, lighting, engine repair, as well as all general maintenance tasks. It’s a jack-of-all-trades job!

Account Manager

Eric Brinkerhoff is looking for a Full-time account manager for his local State Farm insurance office who will be responsible for client-focused and needs-based review process inform clients about insurance options and will work with the agent to establish and achieve marketing goals.

Senior Tax Accountant

True Oil LLC is seeking a full time Senior Tax Accountant who will be responsible for help with time and accuracy filing federal, state and local tax It is up to the various companies and individuals of True to comply with the requirements of the various tax authorities

Network specialist

St. Anthony Tri-Parish Catholic School is hiring a Full-time, year-round network specialist who will provide supervision, management and support for the network and other technical systems. The successful candidate will be able to minimize technical downtime, as well as keeping the school technologically up to date.

Market manager

Wyoming Food for Thought Project is looking for a Part-time market manager. They will be responsible for promoting and managing all Farmers Markets Wyoming Food for Thought Project manages – in particular the mobile market, the winter market and the online market. The Market Manager will be directly supervised by the Executive director and the Director of Horticulture and will work closely with all staff!

Program coordinator

Wyoming Reflection Project is looking for a full time Program Coordinator who will report directly to the Executive Director and will be responsible for programs such as food bags, summer activities for children, community engagement events like community dinners etc. I mean, who doesn’t want to help the community?

Bulk Equipment Operator

Rock Hard Cementing is looking for a full time Bulk equipment operator who will be able to rig and maintain the equipment and assist the operator in daily functions. Someone who is reliable and available to work when called, and most importantly is a team player who cares about the vision of Rock Hard Cementing!

Check out MORE jobs (and find out how you can post your vacancies) on the Oil City job board here!

Check out the latest Breezy events happening this week in our personally curated community calendar! This week we have the 125th anniversary of NCHS Homecoming, Burning Bridges, Pumpkin Fest, Demo Derby and a huge craft fair! Discover these events HERE!

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We are still at our peak!

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