Omantel showcases innovative technology and facilities at its headquarters in Airport Heights


Muscat – Telecom provider Omantel recently held a media tour of its headquarters at Airport Heights in Muscat.

Media personnel toured Omantel’s Innovation Labs, Omantel Museum, Innovation Oasis and Smart Store.

The tour aimed to showcase Omantel’s expertise, partnerships, reach and access to technology to contribute to Oman Vision 2040 and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in new and emerging technologies, namely 5G , Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Customer Experience Technology and Big Data.

The journalists knew of companies that ran their business from the Omantel Innovations Labs. They were also introduced to the Omantel Museum, which exhibits telecommunication devices previously used in the country and region, and were told about a smart store – E-Dukaan – a contactless shopping platform.

On the occasion, Mohammed al Zadjali, Director of Omantel’s Head Office Building, said, “Innovation Labs are a platform to channel corporate resources for the growth of the technological entrepreneurial field of Oman”.

He added: “We want the world to know that 5G has more applications than people think. E-Dukaan is an initiative that Omantel is very proud of as it is the first smart store in the entire Middle East. The store is equipped with in-store cameras that capture shoppers’ movements in the aisles, while smart shelf sensors track the products shoppers put in their baskets. Items chosen by shoppers continue to be added to their virtual shopping cart via an application developed by Omantel. The price of purchased items will be debited from customers’ mobile wallets upon leaving the store and a receipt will be sent to them electronically.

According to HH Sayyida Ghada Jaifar al Said, Senior Director, Omantel Innovation Labs aims to leverage the company’s expertise, partnerships, reach and access to technology to contribute to Oman Vision 2040 and promote the innovation and entrepreneurship in new and emerging technologies. “Omantel Innovation Labs will support startups through multiple programs, including a six-month accelerator that provides mentorship, office space, knowledge transfer, funding, and access to customers, markets, and investors.”

Currently, several Omani startups are honing their market readiness under the Omantel Innovation Labs Acceleration Program designed in collaboration with local and international partners. “The program is tailored to the needs of each participating startup to ensure that they commercialize, grow rapidly and scale efficiently, while ensuring the technical feasibility, market desirability and financial viability of their products and operations,” said said Sayyida Ghada.

These startups include Autoplant – an AI and IoT solutions provider for the agricultural sector; Lamma, Oman’s first super app – a unified communication platform with payment integration; Mamun – an integrated credit, payment and insurance platform; Pixel Tech – a subscription-based tool that allows GCC sellers to create digital stores and sell their products online; and – a platform that connects patients with clinics and therapists.


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