Prosecutor’s office denies lawyer’s requests in incident involving alleged mistreatment of passengers by taxi driver


The Attorney General’s office on Friday accused lawyer Irakli Chomakhashvili of ‘spreading false information’ with allegations relating to an incident in which a taxi driver represented by him was accused of ill-treating Lithuanian and Russian tourists in april.

Chomakhashvili told reporters on Friday that his client Amiran Bokuchava, the driver in question who was denied bail in the case, rightly refused to serve the two visitors to the country after they asked to speak Russian and protested his playing Ukrainian songs in the car.

Bokuchava was supposed to take tourists from Tbilisi International Airport to a hotel in the capital, but instead took them in another direction following a disagreement with passengers.

Chomakhashvili said the incident led the driver to refuse to take them to the hotel, instead leaving them near the Gombori pass in eastern Georgia, dozens of kilometers from their destination. The lawyer claimed that the jury of the district court of Rustavi, in the city near Tbilisi, declared his client innocent and told the media “it is not a crime to play Ukrainian songs to Russians and to defend national interests”.

Dismissing the allegations, the prosecutor’s office said Bokuchava was charged with unlawfully depriving his passengers of their liberty, not lighting Ukrainian songs, noting he was denied bail by the Rustavi court on April 13.

Providing further details, the state body said the driver took the two foreign citizens from Tbilisi International Airport on April 11 and demanded ₾195 ($69) instead of ₾23 ($8 ) – the price indicated by the carpooling app – after arrival. at the destination hotel.

Offended by the price, the foreign citizens asked the driver to take them to a nearby police station to resolve the dispute. However, the driver instead took them to a deserted location in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia and demanded ₾500 ($175) in exchange for their return,” the prosecutor’s office said.

The Bureau also said the passengers eventually managed to escape by jumping out of the car when the driver had to slow down on a section of the road, injuring himself as a result. He also added that Bokuchava pushed his luggage out of the vehicle before fleeing the area, and noted that a Georgian friend of one of the tourists reported the incident to the police after the Lithuanian visitor told them. spoke about the incident.


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