Ridiculous fares at UK airports


In an example of a price rip off at UK airports, the Heathrow Hotel Hoppa charges £6 (7.20 euros) for a single ticket and £11 (13.20 euros) return tickets. That’s a whopping £6 (7.20 euros) per mile (1.6 km) that takes up to 12 minutes to travel.

By comparison, a flight from Heathrow to Alicante will only cost you seven pence per mile (six cents per kilometer). The Transport for London (TfL) Hopper bus fare was reduced from £1.55 to £1.65 earlier this month, which is still reasonable given rising fuel prices. However, the same restrictions on Transport for London fares set by the City of London do not apply to non-TfL bus routes where there is no limit to the maximum passenger fare.

the Hotel in Heathrow is a series of seven shuttle routes that connect Heathrow Airport’s Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5 with 34 different hotels around the airport. Door-to-door service, some hotels not served directly, charges premium rates as Heathrow stopped subsidizing the service after suffering massive losses from the pandemic.

There is a difference though, Hotel Hoppa is a bespoke service rather than a standard bus service, but it is debatable whether the price difference is justifiable. The service is also much more sparse, raising the question of why it is even needed, as hotels and terminals are well served by TFL service.

With Oyster and Travelcards not accepted on the service, those paying more than the odds are likely to be infrequent users of public transport, or not Londoners quietly being ripped off.

The cost of the Hoppa service is just one example of how airports and associated services ‘deal’ with passengers, with many airports now charging £5 or more just to drop off those catching flights. Prices for goods and services at airports are also overpriced, often up to 60% higher.

The government has often repeated Britain’s global mantra, but if fraudulent pricing at airports is allowed to continue unabated, there will come a time when it becomes a deterrent to air travel.

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