San Antonio has one of the least impressive major airports in Texas, according to a study


San Antonio International Airport does not raise eyebrows with the international air transport rating organization skytrax.

The company’s Global Airport Star Rating for 2022 ranks San Antonio among the less impressive in major Texas cities. Skytrax released its annual ratings in early January.

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Skytrax says the airport’s three out of five rating is partly the result of a lack of signage in transfer areas, a selection of shops, a choice of luxury brands, the availability of quiet relaxation areas and a selection of dishes.

“San Antonio has two terminals,” Skytrax said in its review. “Terminal A is bigger and has a better range of family facilities and restaurants. Orientation through the airport is adequate and service from staff is quite positive. There is a lack of retail and restaurant options in the pre-security area. A number of terminal improvements are under construction.

Austin-Bergström International Airport also received a three-star rating. Houston William P. Hobby International Airport landed best five star rating.

Skytrax applies ratings between one and five stars to airports around the world, judging them on their website, wayfinding, terminal design, maintenance and cleanliness. The ratings are based on “frontline customer experience on the end-to-end journey through the airport,” according to Skytrax’s website.

A three-star rating is applied to airports that Skytrax considers fair or average. This may reflect inconsistency or weakness in service systems, a lack of choice in areas such as food and drink and poor seating standards, according to the company.

Although Alamo City Airport has been ranked alongside the largest airports in the world, its size and terminals pale in comparison to most airports that have been rated.

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In September, however, the local airport ranked in the top 10 in the 2021 JD Power North American Airport Satisfaction Study, ranking 9th.

Skytrax’s rating comes ahead of an upcoming $2 billion renovation of San Antonio airport, which will include a new terminal, new parking lot and one-stop security checkpoint. There are also plans to replace Terminal A.

Officials hope construction will be completed within the next six to eight years.

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