Southern Sky Aviation acquires Trent Lott FBO in Pascagoula, Mississippi


Southern Sky Aviation, a leading aircraft charter, maintenance, management and sales company, announced the acquisition of the sole FBO of Trent Lott International Airport (PQL) in Pascagoula, Mississippi .

The Southern Sky Aviation team is eager to expand its range of aviation activities to include fixed operations. The company’s unique experience in charter services means that Southern Sky Aviation has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of pilots, aircraft and passengers. This experience will translate into a highly personalized FBO experience focused on exceptional care and service.

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Southern Sky Aviation’s FBO will be led by Darryl Brewer, president of the FBO division, and Tim Thomas, vice president of FBO operations.

Brewer brings 25 years of management experience in the PQL field as a former Managing Director of Atlantic Aviation, JetSouth and Mercury at BHM. Thomas brings over 20 years of experience to the FBO division of Southern Sky Aviation, including positions at Atlantic Aviation, Hawthorne, Landmark and Signature.

“We are delighted to launch our FBO services at Trent Lott International Airport,” said Bo Andrews, Managing Director of Southern Sky Aviation. “We look forward to working with Airport Manager Carol Snapp and the Airport Authority to establish world-class service and serve PQL customers. “

Donald Howell, President of Southern Sky Aviation, said: “From the start our strategy was to build a full service aviation company including FBO services. Darryl is a great leader and a great operator who will help us grow our FBO division and provide exceptional customer service. Trent Lott enables us to provide all of the services we provide to the Gulf Coast aviation community.

“We are a team passionate about serving the aviation community and are waiting for the right opportunity to grow in the FBO industry,” said Brewer. “We are honored to be the official gateway to the Pascagoula region and are ready to serve tenants and airport guests with the utmost consideration for exceptional care and safe, quality services.”

The agreement allows Southern Sky Aviation to immediately take over the FBO business and facilities, including a 4,300 square foot FBO terminal and over 20,000 square feet of hangar space.

The airport is closed for a runway resurfacing project that will bring the runway to a 275,000 pound double-gear surface. Meanwhile, the company will make improvements to the existing terminal and some hangars, including a new branding and aesthetic for improved comfort and function. In addition, Southern Sky Aviation will install a 20,000 gallon Jet A tank in the airport fuel yard to better meet customer needs.

The FBO will be unveiling these updates with a big reopening event that will coincide with the track’s completion in October. In the meantime, his team is ready to welcome planes up to 50 feet that will receive clearance to land at PQL when the airport closes.

Southern Sky Aviation will provide a comprehensive portfolio of FBO services and equipment that meet the needs of pilots and passengers, including: jet fuel and gasoline during operating hours; self-service gasolines and legends for jet fuel; ground power units; a luggage cart; aircraft maintenance; AOG mobile maintenance; oxygen and nitrogen service; toilet service; a crew car; secure parking for vehicles; towing and stowage of airplanes; Wireless; concierge; coffee and ice cream; weather and flight planning; a conference room; and a pilot lounge and a nap room.

Southern Sky Aviation partners with Avfuel Corporation as an Avfuel branded FBO, providing benefits such as: Avfuel Contract Fuel, AVTRIP rewards, streamlined transactions with the Avfuel Pro card and access to comprehensive training through the system of Avfuel training.


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