Streamer faces backlash after calling for segregation of obese people in hotels and airports


Source: Fanfan / Twitch

The Twitch streamer fanfan sparked backlash on Wednesday after pleading for “morbidly obese” people to be made to stand in separate sections at airports and hotels, in order to humiliate them for being in poor health. The suggestion of public humiliation by segregation has predictably drawn the ire of the internet.

The streamer explained, “You go to a hotel and they have a designated smoking area, like a dedicated smoking area at airports… For example, why don’t they have this for obese people? do they? don’t we shame morbidly obese people?

Her live chat immediately reacted negatively to the dehumanizing suggestion, with many calling her comments shameful.

The clip also went viral, receiving over 11,000 positive votes on r / livestreamfail and eliciting nearly 3,000 comments. Many comments have pointed out that the reason smoking sections exist is because of secondhand smoke, not because we try to shame smokers, so the comparison falls flat. They also condemned the suggestion that we are abusing the big guys.

She then attempted to clarify her comments in response to the backlash in her chat and on Reddit, stating, “I was trying to explain the fact that morbidly obese people should not be glorified because it can cause harm. health problems, while understanding that there are people with medical problems that make them obese. But morbidly obese people shouldn’t be glorified, you shouldn’t walk past a morbidly obese person and think “wow this person is so brave. “

Fanfan said his comparison to smoking was meant to be a funny example to illustrate his point, and said his comments were taken out of context, while continuing to defend his position that society should abuse obese people in order to shame them with a “healthier” lifestyle.

She concluded her clarification without apologizing by saying, “I maintain my fucking point.”

Fat shaming has been a common form of abuse on the Internet for many years. Reddit even had a popular subreddit called r / fatshaming, which was dedicated to insulting and mocking taller people. This subreddit was eventually closed by the platform due to its abusive nature. According to the Mayo ClinicObesity is a disease with multiple causes, ranging from stress and genetics, lifestyle choices and specific medical problems that contribute to weight gain.


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