Substation Improvements and Floodplain Study for Airport Runway Approved by Trenton City Council


Several ordinances were approved Monday night by Trenton City Council.

Olsson Incorporated will conduct a floodplain study for the airport runway improvement project. The cost must not exceed $166,591. Trenton’s local share of expenses is $11,500. As a consultant, Olsson is to perform a topographic survey of the entire airport property and produce a preliminary design report. It was noted that the airport had suffered frequent flooding from nearby Muddy Creek and that in the past this had caused the runway to be closed.

City administrator Ron Urton explained that the problem is a lack of drainage under the track. A floodplain survey is the first in a multi-phase process that would one day lead to the replacement of the runway. Other phases involve environmental design, an obstruction study, runway design, and then tendering. All phases will likely face millions of dollars in future funding from federal, state and local sources. The vote to select Olsson Engineers for the first study was seven to one, with Danny Brewer opposing.

Asplundh Tree Experts LLC has been approved for up to $25,000 in tree trimming. The $160 per hour rate is for a two-man crew. The work is to be completed by January 2023.

Strategy Marketing and Tech Company received approval to upgrade 15 Dell computers in Trenton. The cost, including three additional monitors and labor, is $30,959.

At $193,830, Altorfer Power Systems of Cedar Rapids, Iowa will remove aging and obsolete controls and replace them with current Caterpillar technology controls on all seven diesel generators. This is the existing SCADA communications control panel and PLC at the south station. The ordinance was passed by six votes to two. Opposed were Lance Otto and Marvin Humphreys. $100,000 has been budgeted with the balance coming from reserve funds.

Kansas City’s RS Electric was unanimously approved on four proposals. Materials and integration services to upgrade the existing programmable logic controller and relay communications at the south substation will cost $65,000. Labor and materials for the SCADA upgrade at the sewage plant will cost $85,000. Installing a chlorine analyzer in the wastewater treatment plant disinfection building costs $21,500 and the cost is $17,920 to purchase a heavy duty replacement pump with a variable frequency drive for the water treatment plant.

Irvinbilt Constructors of Chillicothe was selected for the proposed improvements to the reservoir pumping station with the lowest bid. Two other offers have been submitted.

A question was asked about the formation of the Animal Welfare Committee which will be advisory to Council. Mayor Linda Crooks said she had spoken with someone who could be announced and that a member of council would like to be the liaison.

The ordinance states that the animal welfare committee needs five people appointed by the mayor, with the consent of the council. Anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact City Hall or Mayor Crooks.

Mayor Crooks also informed City Council that the Trenton Family Aquatics Center will open but the date has not been determined, however, an announcement was made on the Trenton Family Aquatic Center Facebook page that the pool opening was set for June 4, 2022. The mayor said a pool manager had been hired and would have contacted lifeguards and staff.

Councilor Robert Romesburg mentioned that sponsors are being sought for lifeguards to attend a certification course.

Councilman Marvin Harding said the Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau would like to increase its membership to nine from its current council of seven. The city attorney has been asked to prepare a revised ordinance for consideration by the council.

Urton said the insurance company will provide $32,438 to replace one of the fair’s bleachers. He noted that a 33-foot section was damaged when high winds tipped it over. A motion was approved for the city to pay the $1,000 deductible and then advertise the damaged but repairable bleachers with an online auction site. If there are no takers, parts of the bleachers could be salvaged.

City Administrator Urton has been asked to contact the Missouri Department of Transportation regarding the possibility of street lighting along Highway 6 for the Dollar General Store at the west end of Trenton to resolve what is considered a a security issue at night.

A guest introduced himself at the start of the meeting. J Eggleston is a Missouri state representative running for state senator. Eggleston briefed the council on himself and his legislative work which he managed for eight years at Missouri House, answered council questions, and then stayed for the 90-minute meeting.

All eight councilors participated in the meeting either in person at Trenton City Hall or via Zoom.

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