Take an exclusive tour inside the famous Madden Cruiser


Henderson, NV. – Las Vegas Raiders Hall of Fame coach and NFL icon John Madden may not be alive anymore, but his legacy lives on.

Madden’s legendary Madden Cruiser is in town this week for the Las Vegas Raiders game against the Los Angeles Chargers. You can take an EXCLUSIVE tour of the bus. I visited it earlier today.

You can also take the ICONIC bus tour if you have a ticket for the Sunday game. The gates to Allegiant Stadium will open at 1 p.m. for this special event. It will be parked on the west side of Allegiant Stadium.

Here are some other interesting facts courtesy of the Las Vegas Raiders;

• Around 1986, George Gravley, a public relations man for Greyhound Lines, overheard Madden in an interview say he was thinking of a bus. He arranged to have Greyhound a bus which, with modifications, was worth around $ 500,000 in 1987.

• Madden stopped boarding planes and traveling by air in 1979.

• Greyhound offered the bus a bespoke 40-foot MCI coach and two drivers who would be available around the clock in 1987 in return for agreeing to a series (about 30 in the first year) of motivational speeches to employees of the company. business.

• Madden began his television career in 1979 with CBS as a commentator and was always with the network while traveling on Madden Cruiser I; he was the first sports commentator to work on all the “Big Four” networks; in 1994, Madden and Pat Summerall joined the Fox Network; in 2002, Madden switched to the ABC Network for the 2002 season, where he was partnered with play-by-play announcer Al Michaels; in 2006, NBC recruited him to jump networks again

• In 1994, after 7 years and over 600,000 miles on the road, Madden received another coach, “Madden Cruiser II”. The new custom bus was 5 feet taller than the original and had a high roof.

• There were six coaches in total from 1987 to 2009, the last one making its debut in 2005. Sponsors of the later coaches included Walker Mufflers and Outback Steakhouse.

• Even though the bus had a bed while it was traveling, Madden usually slept in a hotel and the bus was parked nearby.

• Madden’s expenses on the bus were food and phone calls.

• The Madden Cruiser is stored at a local offsite bus management storage facility during the school year and will be on campus during the summer months and for special events.

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