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Because I cover luxury accommodations in my role as a travel and lifestyle writer, I consider myself very lucky to have seen just about everything when it comes to hotel amenities, which means it can be difficult to get my attention. Still, sometimes I visit a hotel that manages to blow my mind with exaggerated perks.

Sometimes it hits me when I walk into a hall or swipe the key card to open my bedroom door. Sometimes it starts with the airport transfer. And other times, it’s not grand gestures at all, but rather a small act quietly performed by the housekeeping team that arouses my awe and gratitude for such attention to detail.

Here are nine of the most surprising, thoughtful, or otherwise over the top amenities I’ve seen at hotels and resorts across North America.

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Alessandra Dubin

Rosewood Mayakoba’s thoughtful touches are almost too numerous to count; this was perhaps one of the most creative properties I’ve stayed in when it comes to inventive amenities and surprises. The signature among them is the locally hand painted alebrijes– brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical animals – guests receive in their rooms each night to collect and cherish later.

But among the pleasant surprises for me were the monogrammed pillowcases I found on my bed after turndown service one night. I was so struck by the personalized gesture that I sent a photo to my friends back home who all wanted to know: what happens to those special sheets after you leave? And the next day I found the answer: I went back to my room and found the cases pressed, folded and wrapped in ribbon to take home.

Tricycle at Rosewood Mayakoba
Alessandra Dubin

Confession: I’m just not comfortable on a bike. While I like the idea of ​​riding through a sprawling resort on wheels and think it’s a good idea when properties offer beach cruisers to guests, the benefit doesn’t really apply to me.

At the Rosewood Mayakoba, I had to mention my off-bike status to the personal butler assigned to my suite (although I can barely remember), and the next day I opened the door to find a blue adult tricycle steady and cheerful. parked just outside. It was such a joy to ride all around the sprawling property, and just a rare opportunity to enjoy the wheels like the other guests.

Paws Up Resort Lexus
Alessandra Dubin

A visit to the Resort at Paws Up in Montana is like a visit to a national park—a paradise of wide open spaces and sublime natural scenery—to the tune of 37,000 acres. Except it’s private and offers amenities you definitely won’t get with your national parks pass.

For example, the resort offers guests an easy and ultra-luxurious way to get around during the stay. When my family checked in, the staff handed over the keys to a personal Lexus to drive around the property, including restaurants, accommodations, the spa, and whatever adventures we chose to embark on.

Four Seasons children are welcome
Alessandra Dubin

As the children of two luxury travel enthusiast parents and a travel writer mother, my twins (now 7 years old) have a great gig. They’ve been spoiled with over-the-top hotel experiences around the world, and the Four Seasons Punta Mita is the family property that has made our trip with them both possible and enjoyable since they were toddlers. (So ​​we will always keep coming back!)

The housekeeping team decorates the room before the arrival of guests with children. This usually involves bath sponges laid out to spell out their names (which we can then use during the stay with the included tearless bath products). We also saw the names of the children scribbled on the mirrors or the shower doors to welcome them warmly and in a very personalized way.

Teepee at the Four Seasons Punta Mita
Alessandra Dubin

Taking kid-friendly arrival one step further, we entered our Four Seasons Punta Mita suite multiple times to find a teepee set up for our stay, festooned with extras like toys and treats. You can guess what happens next: my two kids want to sleep on sofa cushions under the teepee rather than in the big plush trundle bed!

Pinata Party Four Seasons Los Cabos
Alessandra Dubin

Anyone who knows my coverage knows how much I love a resort kids’ club for my young children (and my husband and I enjoy downtime, too). In my experience, Four Seasons Kids for All Seasons clubs around the world are the best in the business. And while they never seem to feel crowded, in the low season they can feel free enough to feel even more exclusive, if not totally private. In one instance, at the brand new Four Seasons Los Cabos in Costa Palmas, the kids’ club offered a piñata party on the beach. But since my kids were the only ones there in that block of time, they were able to open it – and claim the candy loot inside – for themselves. =

Castle Hot Springs Farm
Alessandra Dubin

I recently visited Castle Hot Springs – the Arizona resort town that dates back to 1896 and was then a Golden Age hotspot – I was delighted to arrive at dinner to find a menu at five courses already defined as part of the inclusive experience. The only choice I had to make was from entrees – I always choose vegetarian – so it was a no-brainer situation, just relaxing.

The produce and herbs used in the dishes came directly from the property’s farm, which is literally in sight of the dining tables. Just that morning, we had even talked to the gardener, pulled our own carrots out of the ground, and nibbled on cherry tomatoes right off the vine in the greenhouse.

These farm-to-table meals and cocktails were some of the highlights of this trip, though it was also filled with activities like on-site archery, hiking, paddleboard yoga- boards, etc So with all that exercise, I was delighted to have a bottomless basket of inventive packaged snacks available upon request in the room as well (always included for guests).

Pension Korakia
Pension Korakia

Palm Springs is one of my favorite places to visit, though these days it’s hardly an undiscovered gem. But visiting the Mediterranean-style Korakia Pensione, with its distinctive keyhole-shaped entrance, still manages to feel like a secret under-the-radar hideaway. And in the summer, when the dry heat radiates and crowds are scarce, it can feel downright magical. During an anniversary visit in July, I was charmed to find the hotel hosting Marilyn Monroe films in a comfortable open-air setting on the grounds.

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Palms Las Vegas Executive Fantasy Suite
Palm trees Las Vegas

Yes, it’s probably no surprise that most of the high-end amenities on this list are attached to luxury resorts with eye-popping prices. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Las Vegas is an amazing place to go for budget rooms with swanky amenities that can make you feel like a serious gambler.

This is true at properties located both on and off the Las Vegas Boulevard Strip. For example, on a solo leg of a work trip to the Palms Casino Resort Vegas out of strip, I settled into a Fantasy Tower Executive King Suite on the 10th floor which costs around $200 per night and spans a generous 840 square feet with a bedroom and a separate living room. Between these two rooms, there is not one or two but Three massive 65-inch TVs. Because why not? More is more Las Vegas, so of course the amenities are larger than life, too.

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