The proposed transit line would connect downtown Tucson to the airport


A proposed 15-mile transit line would connect downtown Tucson to the city’s international airport, reports Perla Shaheen for KGUN9. “Transit will run directly from the Tucson Mall to the airport and is expected to result in major commercial development. This could impact about 30 neighborhoods, many of which are historically made up of low-income, marginalized communities.

The article notes that “There are 14 community engagement officers asking people in these areas what development they would like to see. The City also created an online survey that received over 2,000 responses. 78% of respondents support the development of affordable housing.” Monica Landgrave-Serrano of the Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility said, “We want to see how open the community is to duplexes, halfway houses, work and living options” that could provide more affordable housing than existing single-family homes.

A previous post by Shaheen describes the proposed transit line, which “would connect three transit hubs, many major employers: Pima Community College, Veterans Hospital, the airport itself,” says project manager Ian Sansum. “It will take another five to ten years for this transit line to be completed. The city is still figuring out where exactly it will go and whether or not it will be a tram or a bus.


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