This is a long-standing problem: Former national advocate says visa issue is the result of poor administration


By Neto Baptiste

Former national defender and candidate for the elections of the football association, Ivor Luc, said recent developments regarding the withdrawal of the National Women’s Under-17 team from the CONCACAF stage of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers are the result of the continued incompetence of the current and former administration.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show on Friday, Luke, who will seek to become vice president when the association holds its Covid-19-delayed election convention, said he and other former players had been victims of similar administrative errors.

“When I was playing we went to airports and there are no tickets there and all kinds of things. We were dropped off at St Maarten airport because when we got to St Maarten the flight was delayed and the manager said he didn’t give her money for it. So when we got there St Maarten airport closed and we had to stay overnight in a hotel , but we ended up staying at the airport. So the administrative incompetence has been there for a long time. The problem is that there is more money now, so you have an administrator, so the problem what we have now is why do we still have this problem? ”he said.

The former Lion Hill player referred to the incident involving the former national striker Derrick edwards and responsible for the equipment of the senior men’s team Danny benjamin in March 2018, when the duo were arrested in Jamaica.

A quantity of marijuana was found in the team’s luggage as they attempted to board a flight at Norman Manley International Airport, which led to their arrest and charge.

Luke pointed out that to date there has been no club education based on the recommendations in the report.

“From there there is a report, so what does the report recommend going forward because other clubs are going to travel and it would benefit those clubs if there was a recommendation on the way you are going to manage the teams when you go abroad and it has not been sent to the teams or have there been discussions with the teams. I’m not talking about what’s in the report in terms of recommendations because the reports come with recommendations, ”said the former player.

“The last World Cup qualifiers with the men, we brought in men from England and they couldn’t go through Puerto Rico, so they couldn’t go to the Virgin Islands and play and now you have the under 17s. years who have been training for so long, long time and just to get the visas, you can’t get the visas because the embassy has closed, ”he added.

Regarding his campaign, Luke said it had gained momentum, adding that the delayed election could work in his favor.

“From my point of view, or our point of view, I think it went pretty well and I guess the other side would say the same, but it was good for us. Every disappointment is a blessing and it’s up to you to just turn the positive into the negative, so the longer the election is delayed the more patience we will be and do a lot of the groundwork that we need to do in trying to get through. gather. , get better strategies for the future and that’s what we’re doing, ”he said.

Visa complications have forced the Antigua and Barbuda women’s under-17 soccer team to withdraw from the CONCACAF playoffs currently taking place at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, USA .

Difficulties securing dates for players seeking U.S. visas before the tournament began resulted in the youth squad being withdrawn from the competition where they were scheduled to play Group D alongside Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe and Guyana. Saint Lucia and Guadeloupe had also withdrawn from qualifying, apparently for similar reasons.


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