Thor Harris releases dub reggae album with Marissa Nadler, Zola Jesus and more (stream a track)


Thor Harris published Dub Dooman album exploring dub reggae, in 2020. He has just announced his sequel, Doom Dub 2, which will be released on July 22 via Joyful Noise. “It’s possible that the Dub is mankind’s greatest achievement,” says Thor. “This is my humble tribute to the original practitioners of the form.” The album features guest appearances from Marissa Nadler, Zola Jesus, Mike Wattcomposer Lawrence English, Adam HardingSerbian pop-folk singer Marina Tadicmember of Thor & Friends Sarah “Goat” Gautierand more.

The first track released from the album is “Day 447 of Quarantine” (most songs on the album have similar titles) and it features Zola Jesus, dorian woodand Shearwater collaborator Craig Ross. Thor doesn’t play much with voiceover form, delivering bone-shattering bass, sizzling, resonant percussion, and oceans of reverb. Listen below.

Thor also has a few upcoming gigs in Austin. These are listed below.

Doom Dub 2:
Quarantine Day 32 (with Lawrence English, Stine Janvin Motland)
Quarantine Day 19 (with Daniel Rejmer, Sarah La Puerta)
Quarantine Day 447 (with Craig Ross, Dorian Wood, Zola Jesus)
Do Androids Dream of Dick? (with Adam Harding)
Quarantine Day 9 (with Brandon Eggleston, Marissa Nadler, Adam Harding)
Quarantine Day 62 (with Dan Haab, Marina Tadic, Adam Harding)
Sean Cook Dub (with Sean Cook)
Quarantine Day 7 (with Christopher Pravdica, Sarah La Puerta)
I miss you so much (with Adam Harding)

7/7 – Austin, TX – @ Hotel Vegas Patio* with welcome to Heck, Treasure Mammal and Wet Dip
7/17 Austin, TX – @ Kinda Tropical * Adult Decisions Showcase with Being Dead and Police


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