TikToker shares tip to avoid Uber ‘price gouging’ from LAX airport: ‘Extreme scams’


A Los Angeles man pointed out how a certain ride-sharing service UPS its prices for LAX travelers airport.

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TikToker @nikhilsvie posted a video accusing Uber of “gauging prices”. He noticed that when listing his pick-up location at LAX, the cost was much higher than if he had listed it just 500 feet from the airport.

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“Want to see how Uber’s price rates you?” he said. “I want to go from LAX to a restaurant it’s about 3 miles. It’s gonna cost me $42.

The price listed $42.07 for an UberBlack and $38.96 for an UberX.

“But if I move my pickup destination from LAX to the Hyatt Regency, which is a hotel literally 500 feet out of LA, it’s now going to cost me $8.93,” he said. Explain.

The adjusted price showed $8.93 for an UberX and $25.75 for an Uber Black.

People in the comments section shared their thoughts on Uber’s pricing.

“It also adjusts traffic costs, and airports incur higher fees,” one person said. added.

“Similar to disney world…Uber was $137 at the hotel…switched to Lyft, and it was $45 with tip,” one user commented.

“Because they have to pay a fee at the airport to be picked up there,” someone said. suggested.

“Carpooling and food delivery services are all extreme scams,” another commented.

“Excessive prices? This is called supply and demand. The trade-off is to brave the walk from your terminal to the pickup point. Then while waiting for a driver”, a TikToker replied.

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