U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited North Texas on Wednesday and got to see some of the things the infrastructure bill will be used for.

Under the infrastructure bill, Texas would get more than $ 30 billion to spend on broadband, public transportation, and highway and bridge improvement projects.

Transport Secretary Buttigieg said a formula was being used to distribute the funds.

A SMU economist said he was worried about the high price.

There is a lot to be done on the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday.

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During a stopover in North Texas on Wednesday, Secretary Buttigieg said if the bill approved Congress and passed, Texas would receive $ 30 billion over five years.

“The answers don’t have to come from Washington, it does, that’s what we’re doing with this bill,” Buttigieg said.

Part of the money will help finance public transport, expand train and bus services in the region.

The funds will also go to DFW Airport, one of the busiest in the country.

“We are now 13th in the world in terms of our infrastructure. We get a C- in terms of our score for infrastructure,” said US representative Colin Allred.

Part of the DFW airport expansion includes prefabricated modular gates, a first at any airport.

Once completed, the 450-tonne structures will be moved to the aerodrome and installed at Terminal C.

“We need this investment to get people back to work and allow us to recover,” Allred added.

“There is a tendency to think of a lot of these projects as almost jobs projects, and that’s just plain wrong,” EMS economist Mike Davis.

Davis is skeptical of the expensive infrastructure bill.

“The most important thing to worry about is spending. We have record debt levels in this country right now. We’re talking about accumulating a lot more. And then we add these infrastructure spending. to that, ”he explained. “So the question for these infrastructure projects is not how many people will be hired? The question is: do we need the infrastructure and is it worth the money? “

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Buttigieg said his office will have a transparent, accountable and determined way to get those funds out.

Congressman Allred said north Texas was one of the fastest growing regions in the country and infrastructure projects were long overdue.

“Our growth is not going to decline, it is going to accelerate,” Allred added.

The House was scheduled to stay on vacation until September 20, but on Tuesday evening the House majority leader said the chamber would return on August 23 to consider the infrastructure bill.

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