Travel of JMAA officials to the United Arab Emirates


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In May 2020, two members of the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (JMAA) traveled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to witness the global air show.

JMAA President and CEO Paul A. Brown and President Robert E. Martin took to the skies on May 22 for the show.

After emails from viewers asking 12 News to look into the trip, we combed through the public records. Here is what emerges from the expenses:

  • Brown tab:
    • Cost of room service and dinner: $ 3,412
    • Room fee: $ 4,142
    • Transportation: $ 435

The total for the hotel was approximately $ 7,989 plus a few additional changes. Keep in mind that these totals are in UAE currency.

With an Emirati dirham of $ 3.67 equaling US $ 1.00, Brown’s total translates to US $ 2,175.

President Martin’s hotel total translates to $ 862.

“The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (JMAA) reimbursed CEO Paul A. Brown and President Robert E. Martin for their hotel rooms, taxes, transfers and COVID-19 testing. They each received $ 168.00 per day per day, ”said LSherie Dean, director of communications, marketing and public relations for JMAA, in an email.

Brown’s plane ticket was over $ 3,300, and Martin’s was at least that much. They declined to interview on camera after several questions, but we received the following statement from Dean on their behalf:

The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (JMAA) was proud to be invited to speak at two (2) key sessions of the Global Airport Leaders Forum and represent the Jackson Aviation System at the famous industry conference. Our attendance at the Dubai event by the Chairman of the Board and CEO has been carefully reviewed and approved by the Board of Commissioners.

President Robert E. Martin


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