Travelers should plan for delays and cancellations, Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport officials say


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport officials said they expect Saturday to be the busiest holiday weekend, albeit with pilot shortages at Nationwide, they recommended travelers plan for delays and cancellations.

“It’s not a very pleasant feeling, waiting too long. And still now my flight was delayed, but there is no information, email, SMS. I just found out when I got to the counter,” said delayed traveler Jin Janon.

Jin Janon’s flight delay in Savannah is the latest in a series of complications on her vacation that have kept her at the airport for what she says is too long.

“I came here earlier because I have to drop off the car, I’m renting the car, so in total I have to wait about five hours before departure,” Janon said.

Other passengers boarded their flight, but they say problems with the plane prevented them from taking off. A couple were offered a flight later, which they took one way to pick up a moving van. But the new flight was simply too late.

“We had already missed our reservation for UHaul, so we had to cancel everything, and we have to reschedule next week, or in two weeks, or drive there, so it’s just irritating,” Sarah Gillson and Andrew told Andrews .

Savannah Hilton Head International officials say many nationwide delays and cancellations are due to crew shortages.

Janon, a former flight attendant, doesn’t think airlines are doing enough to ease the burden this places on travellers.

“They should be more considerate. For example, if they put themselves in my shoes or that of a customer, they would know that waiting here for three to five hours is not a very pleasant feeling,” Janon said.

According to FlightAware, nearly 600 flights were canceled and 7,000 delayed nationwide on Friday.

Savannah Hilton Head International officials say that while few flights have been delayed or canceled, passengers should be prepared for these possibilities.

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