Westchester airport road sign vandalized?


Someone allegedly defaced a Westchester County airport sign recently, leaving many wondering how they did it.

A sign for Westchester County Airport off of NY 120 in the Lower Hudson Valley (Westchester County) recently suffered apparent vandalism. According to a post in the Facebook group 684 Commuters by a certain Bruno Danny, the road sign in question shows the words Private Jets = Climate Death at the top of the sign.

The top of the sign would be far too high to reach without some kind of assist ladder, as the display notes, although I commented in the group that it could have been a very big LOL. Nevertheless, many wonder how the person or people involved did this. Discover the publication with the photo of the Facebook group as well as the comments here.

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Whoever defaced the Westchester County airport road sign is obviously trying to argue that the private jets that depart from there are harmful to the environment. While researching the subject, we found that on average, most private jets fly between 200 and 400 hours per year. That’s 200 to 3,200 metric tons of carbon emissions every year, which is bad. The shows are ultimately bad. While it’s a concern for many, defacing a street sign is no way to try to make a point because it’s illegal in New York State.

Article 1115 of the Vehicle Traffic Act

Section 1115 of the Motor Vehicle Traffic Act prohibits “altering, defacing, injuring, knocking down, covering, removing or otherwise interfering with any official traffic control device or any railway sign or signal “. The culprit in this case remains a mystery.

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