What should I look for in a bus rental offer in Thailand? How many seats are there on a charter bus? In what style?


Traveling on a regular bus may have a number of restrictions, such as not being able to to choose your destination or not being able to stop along the way at different places on your journey. A fully customizable bus rental service would do the trick, but where can I find the best charter bus rental Thailand has to offer? Are they the same as rental buses? Read on for expert advice.

What is a bus rental service?
A charter bus service is an alternative form of bespoke private transport, ideally for larger groups. The terms “bus” and “car” are interchangeable here. The best charter coach Thailand has to offer will have a maximum lifespan of 5 years, for the highest safety rating and latest technology; has an experienced driver at the helm; and has passed rigorous Ministry of Transportation training and testing.

Things to look for, in a bit more detail
Suitability of Use or Fit. This means that everyone around you should feel comfortable and that the coach is suitable for travel to your destination. For example, a double-decker bus should not drive on steep inclines or make hairpin turns.

Observe the make and model of the vehicle. Ideally, it will have had a maximum lifespan of 5 years, to ensure the best possible working condition and the latest advances in safety and technology.

Check with your bus rental service provider that the vehicle has been inspected and cleared for travel on the day of your departure.

Do they look trustworthy? Every charter bus that Bangkok, or even Thailand, operates on the road must be registered with the Department of Land Transport. You can even check company records with the Ministry of Land Transport for serious accident history.

Drivers should ideally have at least 5 years of experience, especially for long distances; are knowledgeable about the route to follow; and trained directly with or under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport. The correct driving license for buses in Thailand is a type 2 or type 3 license.

Find your bus rental service provider. They must present themselves in a professional manner and have a portfolio of notable clients. The best ones tend to have regular customers and former celebrity clients.

Finally, look at the entertainment on offer. Long-haul travel can be tough, but technology has come a long way. At Patsornchai Tour, a high-end sound system, LED TV screens and free Wi-Fi are often standard! Along with a plethora of other features on our more premium charter coaches.

Who is a bus rental service for?

  • Groups of friends and families who wish to travel together, ranging from short excursions to inter-provincial trips.
  • Maybe you don’t know the best routes to take and just want to travel stress-free.
  • Companies wishing to take their employees on a company trip.
  • Schools and educational organizations for school outings or excursions.
  • Sports teams or athletes who need fast, reliable transportation to their next game or accommodation.
  • Large family vacations who want to offload the hassle of travel to a trusted bus service.
  • Factory workers who need a smooth, reliable commute to work, a popular way to increase employee well-being.

How many seats are there on a charter bus/coach?
At Patsornchai Tour, we provide the most premium charter coach Bangkok has ever seen, along with a comprehensive fleet to choose from to meet all your needs. These are just a few of our offerings.

  • 4-seater premium SUV with sunroof (good for airport transfer and sightseeing)
  • Toyota Commuter 14 Seater Minivan
  • Plan S 24-seater minibus (New 2022)
  • Eco S 31-seater minibus
  • Patsornchai Pearl White 39 seats
  • MAN Patsornchai 40 seats
  • 44-seat luxury coach 2
  • 51-seat Patsornchai Galaxy

What services does Patsornchai Tour offer?
We offer daily, monthly and yearly plans depending on your needs. Some of the more common itineraries we regularly offer include:

  • Daily plans for one-time trips, excursions, day trips are very common. In some cases, we arrange daily plans to accommodate single night stays.
  • Our monthly plans are best suited to take advantage of seasonal changes, such as regular visits to the mountains during the rainy season to see the waterfalls.
  • The annual plans we offer are a great choice for improving employee well-being when it comes to travel. Both cost effective and environmentally friendly, we have served factory workers in industrial parks and office workers in their offices.

We are based in Bangkok, but we have branches in Pattaya, Phuket, Samut Sakhon, Samut Prakan and Rayong.

The strengths of our company
Our clientele is our portfolio. The safety and responsibility entrusted to us can never be underestimated and it is our pride to be chosen by established names. Below are some of our most famous clienteles.

  • Featured in the TV program as the preferred mode of transportation for The Next One on One 31
  • Favorite coach of the President of Vietnam and his entourage during an ASEAN meeting
  • Transportation of backstage crew and stagehands for the Super Junior World Tour “Super Show 7” held at Impact Challenger Hall
  • EA Champions Cup Spring 2018 FIFA Online 3 Tournament Player Shuttle Provider
  • Twice chosen for Manchester United Football Club during his tour of Thailand
  • Liverpool FC on their 2015 tour of Thailand

The New Patsornchai Galaxy
A consistent choice when you need the very best, the New Galaxy Patsornchai is the company’s flagship, and for good reason:

  • The most luxurious charter bus in Thailand
  • Meets the highest safety standards with a chassis supplied by MAN
  • True to its Galaxy namesake, the interior has been designed to mimic the cosmos, a real treat at night with its full design on display.
  • Euro 3 emissions rating means we care for the environment
  • The complete inflight entertainment package: free Wi-Fi, fast charging on every seat, 5th generation Apple TV with 4K resolution, JBL surround sound system
  • Full set of safety features: GPS, CCTV, automatic 3-point seat belts
  • Spacious interior illuminated with mood lighting, for soft, natural lighting
  • Onboard hot/cold water dispenser for your early coffee fix, plus swivel seats for more intimate companionship

A commitment to the environment
At Patsornchai Tour we believe in taking responsibility and caring for the environment, which is why our entire fleet, and any new additions, must have an emissions rating of Euro 3 or better . We are constantly improving our fleet and in the future we intend to operate an all-electric fleet wherever possible.

An increase in local travel?
Maybe you would like to travel but going abroad is out of the question at the moment? Covid-19 has brought international travel to a practical halt, but it has led to an increase in domestic tourism, which Patsornchai Tour has long been a strong advocate of. Why not have fun and discover what Thailand has to offer? For many of our customers what was perhaps once in a Blue Moon friends trip together in Thailand is now on a semi-regular schedule which has seen more demand for our smaller 20 and 31 seater coaches . This has been a huge boon to the domestic tourism industry through the loss of international customers, and we at Patsornchai Tour are very proud to play our part in helping our fellow Thais.

With so many options, where should I turn?
If you are still unsure of who to hire, you should at least look for a charter bus service that is trustworthy, upfront with you, and legally verifiable. The charter bus or charter coach, whatever they call it, should not have a lifespan of more than 5 years and regular safety checks should be in place. Patsornchai Tour ticks all of these boxes, and more.

With over 25 years of experience, Patsornchai Tour is the flagship bus rental Bangkok has to offer. We have served some of the most distinguished individuals and groups of people to have visited Thailand, and we continue to provide the same high level of service to all of our customers.

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